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Fever Genesis - synth-heavy full length album


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Fantastic sounds across the board! I enjoyed the spastic nature of the drums in Boys in Space. However, Fever Genesis scared the crap out of me. I realize it's meant to sound dirty, but it sounded like the whole song was clipping in the worst way, so it continued to terrify me until the end.

Writer's Block was mostly a winner, it's just when a note has an element far from center of pitch that I can only handle so much of. I really liked the song structure though.

Nightmarathon is a great title and has a great background rhythm that moves into chillout, and then loses me. Fantastic use of delay in that one, though.

You create some great sounds. Many will likely dig what you are doing. Your production is largely perfect. I think it may be a bit too 'experimental' for me though. Still, great work. I'd be excited to hear the next project.

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