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Suikoden 2 arrange


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I am focusing on completing a number of arrangements from Suikoden 2 for the purposes of an album. I love the work of Miki Higashino very much and Suikoden 2 is probably, compositionally speaking, and gameplay wise, among my favorite games of all time. I particularly fell in love with the soundtrack. For the purposes of a general album, I am still trying to find a style for the tracks. I am continuing to work on a general profile through which I can devise a style for the purposes of quality and consistency.

Just thought I would share what I've worked on so far. :) \


The structure of the piece is complete in my mind. All of the instruments, melodies and countermelodies are in place. I feel like there are times in the music where less would be more but I tried to find a nice balance between moments of simplicity and fuller orchestral counterpoint. The epic sections don't sound as epic as they could but the original source material is fairly quiet and austere... but very powerful. The melody is just delightful.

But I need help on the mix. Suggestions for cleaning it up would be profoundly welcome


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