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  1. I love that analogy but hate the fact that my samples are once again holding me back. DOH
  2. Well it doesn't get much more clear than that. Thanks for taking the time to explain what you meant. I wondering if dropping the piece a few decibals overall is going to be a beneficial change to the piece. Maybe I need to get more creative with how I mask the clipping... hmmm. I don't notice anything at 2:45 to 2:47. The strings sound a little strange though
  3. You heard clipping? When? "PUMPING?" what does that even mean? Thanks for your feedback.
  4. Hey cool. I don't love the snare sound either. Maybe I'll try to find a better sample. I was actually varying the velocity on the snares if you can believe it but I agree it still doesn't sound great.
  5. Really need some feedback on the mix. Pretty happy with the composition and how much it modulates. I use orchestral instruments and traditional japanese instruments as well. I played Chrono Trigger before writing this so the flavor of the piece definitely reflects that in some ways. lol https://soundcloud.com/ryanreilly/super-metroid-orchestral-arrange Any kind of feedback would be stellar. Thank you
  6. A chiptune jazz arrangement of one of my favorite town themes from Suikoden 2. https://soundcloud.com/ryanreilly/suikoden-2-arrange-radat
  7. Not really from a game... but gamey. It's an arrangement from that old animated short-film, The Snowman. https://soundcloud.com/ryanreilly/the-snowman-theme-chip
  8. Nice job. What kind of plugins did you use to create the panning effect with the acoustic guitar?
  9. Chiptune. Totally Conceptual. https://soundcloud.com/ryanreilly/castle-of-dark-before-the-abyss Version 1.
  10. I've made a few changes to the source file.
  11. Honestly this piece is all over the place for me. I feel like the piece could be more cohesive but then I remind myself that you were doing it for class. I really enjoy the section that starts around 2:29 though. A little darker than I was expecting but it sets a nice mood. I generally like the dynamics you use and how the instruments speak, though there are times when the number of timbres clutter the musical portrait. Are you familiar with Ravel's introduction and Allegro for harp and Orchestra? It's a phenomenal work and may give you a better idea for tones, instrumentation and chordal progression. Best of luck!
  12. I am focusing on completing a number of arrangements from Suikoden 2 for the purposes of an album. I love the work of Miki Higashino very much and Suikoden 2 is probably, compositionally speaking, and gameplay wise, among my favorite games of all time. I particularly fell in love with the soundtrack. For the purposes of a general album, I am still trying to find a style for the tracks. I am continuing to work on a general profile through which I can devise a style for the purposes of quality and consistency. Just thought I would share what I've worked on so far. \ https://soundcloud.com/ryanreilly/suikoden-2-reminisces-and The structure of the piece is complete in my mind. All of the instruments, melodies and countermelodies are in place. I feel like there are times in the music where less would be more but I tried to find a nice balance between moments of simplicity and fuller orchestral counterpoint. The epic sections don't sound as epic as they could but the original source material is fairly quiet and austere... but very powerful. The melody is just delightful. But I need help on the mix. Suggestions for cleaning it up would be profoundly welcome Thanks!
  13. A folk theme. Wondering if there is too much low end... too muddy? https://soundcloud.com/ryanreilly/wellputfinalmastering
  14. https://soundcloud.com/ryanreilly/ambient-experiment orchestral with glitch and rhythmic effects
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