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finished 'Crimson' - Super Metroid Red Brinstar Remix

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I wanted to recreate the sound of the original. The only thing I'm not too entirely fond of is the little piano interlude in the middle, but I think part of that comes from me not liking the interlude itself. I'm super pleased with the way this turned out actually. I didn't do much variation because a lot of the atmosphere comes from the sinister, brooding repetition, and I thought it would mess things up if I changed too much structurally.

When I initially started this remix, I thought about using some sort of neuro-bass and a ton of modulation, but after some trial and error, I actually liked the more original sound better, so there you go.

Thoughts? Likes? Dislikes?


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The first half strays a bit too close to the original, but I really like what you have going on in the second half melodically, definitely have more of that. That sinister, brooding repetition is nice for capturing the same feel as the original, but I feel you could do more with it in the second half of your track where you have the original melodies. Definitely experiment with it some more!

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