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Spectrum 128k Cybernoid remix WIP


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First off, major props for ZX representation. It has the 8-bit home computer groove thing definitely going on, the chippy sound palette is there though the production is modern.


The structure felt a little strange in places. That one transitional part at 1:25, 2:20 and 3:04 felt almost like an intermission if that makes sense.. the energy kind of drops in a strange way. On the other hand the energy of the track seems to be quite even almost throughout.. It feels a bit like there's a part after the other but as a complete structure it doesn't quite gel. I like 2:30- to the end, especially 3:13 onwards, the way it's stripped to drums, bass + lead is good dynamically, it builds nicely from there to the end. I think from the start the structure works well up to 1:25, where the drop in the energy feels like it comes too soon.. it feels like the part should keep going with a nasty synth solo or so. :) I do feel that 1:25-2:32 the piece is looking for the groove, a bit stuck in the middle gear. They're nice parts in themselves, but it feels like the piece loses its bearings here.


Despite the above criticism, I've got to say I certainly enjoyed the piece as is a lot. The sounds & detail in the mixing is really enjoyable, for instance the widening of the stereo image before the 1 minute mark with the synth pad is a great moment.

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