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  1. Cool blend of prog metal -style power trio with voices and acoustic instruments! It gives the original some nice kick, and the same theme that is in the boss music too (at least, don't shoot me, I'm not a Secret of Mana OST scholar) is interesting to pick out in this arrangement! I'm most familiar with the boss theme for this melody, so it's just cool to hear it here so differently. It might be just a matter of personal taste, but I think I'd prefer the arrangement with a different bass arrangement with more sustain. It would tie the arrangement together better, the instrumentation sounds kind of "scattered" now. (But to me this bass style reminds me of certain prog metal type of music and fans of it might call me just crazy ) The final movement 1.5 minutes actually do sound really good and it comes together the best.
  2. Great fun and a super enjoyable! That's Elizabeth Fraser, isn't it?
  3. Very cool mashing together of sound materials ... builds a great atmosphere, very successful! I do enjoy how the boy soprano at the beginning reminds me of Castlevania.. and the atmosphere is haunting at first, but then at somepoint this "man gurgling" sound comes along, and makes it really unnerving! I also enjoy how the sampled bass guitar sound sounds kind of crappy! It's like the tune is not overpolished, but it still all works together really, really well! I think that sensation adds to the creepiness of the track. If the production was "shinier", it would make it more detached. But this feels more "real" and even "home made" and it's more effective that way. But still everything feels balanced, EQ'd and everything quite perfectly!!
  4. This is brilliant! Sounds so good, and the two tracks are very cleverly combined. I also enjoy the way the bass note is first held in place for "Beginner Race" at first ... I love when that is done well, such a great tension builder. I think it's enhanced because of the familiarity with the melody. But the unusual chord/bass progression of the source also works really well when you finally release the bass to move around. So good!
  5. This fun arrangement wonderfully untangles the original to the 4/4 beat. Somehow I particularly liked putting the "fast arp" up front in the intro! I think it helps to give a feeling of uneasiness that the "straightening out" of the source material to 4/4 may sometimes miss. Fun stuff! edit: Ohhh and have to add a mention for the polyrythm at 2:10 - so tasty! I've mentioned "4/4" several times already, but this arrangement really is just full of rhythms!
  6. This arrangement is conceptually great. It's so much fun that it's a ReMix of a ReMix (that stands on its own!) Great intro. A couple of things bothered me a bit; the bass drum pumps a lot for my sensitivities on the headphones, it's a bit uncomfortable and distracting for me. Also, something about the guitar competes with the vocals when they play together. Otherwise, I like everything! The soundscape is good, the guitar sounds good, I like the saxamaphone! Great vocals, but I think surprisingly the element that clicks with me the most, is the spoken voice. It sits so well in the mix and feels just a natural part of the music! I think it's worth paying attention to, as I think it's not that easy to make spoken voice fit well with the music. Here it's a great performance that is timed and mixed to the music as a natural instrument!
  7. Massive respect to everyone who reviewed every track from this huge round! Wow! Thanks for all the nice comments. I sure intend to finish my track. It would be nice to get posted in 2025, come to think of it I'm proud of every wooden spoon I've received from PRC! (And I'll be honest, my ego is inflated seeing myself so high up in the hall of fame ) Such good times! Once again a big thanks to Bundeslang for running the compo for so long. Congrats to coloradoweeks! That's some saccharine Shimomura right there
  8. These two Finnish track titles are incorrectly capitalized according to Finnish grammar https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03565 should be "Siilin melankolia" (small 'm') https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03237 should be "Miljoonamiehen muistelmat" (small 'm' at the second word again). (I think these used to be correct previously, if they were mistakenly changed according to English grammar it's very understandable, but the grammar is different for Finnish)
  9. Bound Together album homepage is no longer up, and seems to be actually doing some sort of a scammy redirect, the url should probably be removed from the album in the OCR database? https://ocremix.org/album/20812/bound-together-an-earthbound-remix-project
  10. Nice to see more DOS ReMixes! This is a pleasant piece of music. I especially enjoy the gentle, dark piano in the beginning. (edit: duh, half of it is a harp) The sound palette is very well constructed, another good example is the thunder-evoking percussion hit. The whistle is quite beautiful when it comes in; also very tastefully mixed as part of the soundscape!
  11. Cool original! Very cool version! Excellent vocals, very nice work of expanding the simple synth choir sound usage from the original. One detail I didn't enjoy was how aggressively the music ducked the SFX towards the end, although for effect at the very end, it worked well. Otherwise I do love all aspects of the sound design on this! edit: to clarify, I like the glitching and the sfxs themselves, but the mix pumps uncomfortably to my ears (on earplugs)
  12. This familiar theme is such fun to hear in such manner. The reverberated, bended stuff at the end is downright brutal!
  13. Mmm, tasty bass! I appreciate how well this track holds up based on a repeating riff throughout. And it's a great riff! I like how it's slowed down to make the version a little bit heavier. Everything works really well together.
  14. Another cool collab between Jorito and Sirenstar! I'm impressed with the versatility of Sirenstar's vocals.
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