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  1. I'm surprised I haven't written a review for this one! These early chip-style tunes from AeroZ were a big influence for me when starting to write my own OC ReMix candidates. I love their mysterious mood and their playfulness.
  2. Sad to see PRC go, but fully understandable. PRC has had a great run! PRC was a big thing for me when it comes to OCR and my music making in general. Many of my OCR posts are PRC entries, and there are still more coming.
  3. This is great stuff! So many things I love here, from the swinging drums, to the french horn ensemble, to the doubling of synth with melodica ... very nice. Very nice.
  4. I'm just playing Yoshi's Story via Switch Online.. it's great fun to listen to this track!
  5. I'm surprised I haven't commented on this before! I checked out this mix ages ago because I was familiar with the music from SF1 and 2. I loved it! This is a chill piece with an interesting progression and a lovely, lovely synthy sound to it. But since then I've played Sword of Hajya - the original Shining Force Gaiden 2 for the Game Gear, and there was one tune on that that was my particular favourite - amazing, just amazing. I didn't recall for sure if this ReMix was arranging the same source material - and sure enough it is! It's a very, very creative take on it too.. So good!
  6. Unreleased games are always interesting when they get released, but this is a super cool one thanks to the Follin soundtrack!
  7. release candidate 3: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/fkyeng2xdam9cm8es7uxw/eino_keskitalo_-_ninjan_graali-20230628-rc3.mp3?dl=0&rlkey=1knf2y1pz1fdliivh0osv7eei Sources: Aquaduct from Ninja Gaiden (Xbox): Title Screen from Knight 'n' Grail (C64): https://haxel.bandcamp.com/track/title-screen Ghost Castle from Knight 'n' Grail (C64): https://haxel.bandcamp.com/track/ghost-castle Source breakdown: The arpeggio from Ghost Castle plays almost throughout The two-note figure that plays in Aquaduct 0:00-0:38 is played 0:00-1:00 (though in 6/8 and 7/8 instead of 4/4) Dropping the bass to C# in Aquaduct at 0:20 is reflected at 0:45-1:00 (although the bass does come back to D# in the arrangement before going back to C#) The melody from Title Screen plays at 0:28-1:00 The melody from Ghost Castle at 0:47-> is played in the background at 0:45-1:00 Aqueduct 0:39-> is approximated at 1:16-2:07 The two-note figure from Aquaduct plays at 2:07-2:38 The melody from Ghost Castle is played from 2:07-> The bass also follows Ghost Castle chord changes.
  8. Wonderful tune! But a bit hard to process with my rearrangement approach 😬
  9. Uuu, a special round. I haven't played Advance Wars games much, but I am a fan of the Nintendo DS in general.
  10. I propose an album of ocarina-lead jazz in the spirit of Dave Brubeck's work such as the Time Out album.
  11. A cool and fresh take on this wonderful source tune! So much so that I literally got excited on the first listen. I felt like some of the chip leads and other synths were punching through the mix a little bit loudly. Overall though, it's a very enjoyable and unique track! I love the incorporation of the electric guitar for example!
  12. Cool tune! The game looks fun too. I do remember the previous Vatlva compo piece. 😸
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