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Could use some advice (Furniture)


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Hey guys my computer problems are only a few days away from being over. And now as i look at the things i have to add to it. (Primarily a sound card) There are a few other things that need to be handled.

I'm looking at upgrading my desk and chair. For the purposes of this conversation Price should not go over 300 for either item. For the desk know that space is a HUGE consideration. Though i will consider items up to 500 If they're specific. (DX Racer chairs is one such item)

There's another factor to consider. I have a 32 inch Vizio TV which is my Room's TV. Said TV is 1080P and capable of being a THIRD monitor in any configuration i have. (Though only 1 graphics card right now.)

As audio and Video editing long term are in my future. (Podcasting and Streaming more than music creation)

What would be your suggestions on desks and chairs?

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