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  1. Hyperion5182

    OCR Secret Santa 2016

    I had received confirmation that Mr. Wayne's shipment had arrived. He sends his regards sir. And wait till you see what that letter opener looks like. You'll want to do not adult things with it.
  2. Hyperion5182

    OCR Secret Santa 2016

    can provide evidence if needed that my order is in transit.
  3. Hyperion5182

    OCR Secret Santa 2016

    My gifts are on the way! According to this. Christmas delivery should happen!
  4. Hyperion5182

    OCR Secret Santa 2016

    That and League of Legends.
  5. Hyperion5182

    OCR Secret Santa 2016

    Love my gifts. Will be put to good use. #LegendOfZelda As for my intended target. Due to the request i've had to really rack my brain to figure something out i'm unfortunately failing. I'm going to be putting something together to go out on Friday one way or the other. Sorry its going out so late but paycheck issues are making me take this at a different angle. I have not forgotten
  6. Hyperion5182

    OCR Secret Santa 2016

    almost makes me wish i hadnt kept my one Shyvana Skin... rarest of the rare... >.<
  7. Hyperion5182

    OCR Secret Santa 2016

    If you guys will allow it. I want in on this. I recapped on the thread last year. My computer failed at truly the worst possible time for this. =)
  8. Hyperion5182

    MAGFest 2017 (see you next mission)

    Hmm are we talking battle tetris or Marathon?
  9. Hyperion5182

    MAGFest 2017 (see you next mission)

    Going to try. Cash will be an issue...I need to figure out if i'm going by the end of this month or i wont be able to do it.
  10. Hyperion5182

    Titanfall 2

    Thinking of getting this for PC, Was originally going to get it for PS4. I am not a big fan of Origin on my system at this point however.
  11. Hyperion5182

    Nintendo Switch

    1. Better than you might think in hardware terms actually. Granted not perfect but recent track record has me less concerned. This thing is a finished product its not a demo they could drop it at christmas if they wanted to. But they want more marketing run up. 2. Its got a LOT of early third party support and game engines include Unity AND Unreal. That is gigantic. 3. The whole point is that its the same between either. Which i really really hope is true. Concerning powerdrain: The best evidence we have on this is the Wii U Pro controller. Outrageous battery life on that thing. I think we're going to be OK there. And Yes that WAS an intentional Knock on the Iphone 7. That comes as part of Nintendo's alliance with Google. This dropped at a specific time for a specific reason. Google is taking aim at Amazon after their Twitch Prime announcement.
  12. Hyperion5182

    What game world would you most want to visit?

    In no particular order. Tamriel: Skyrim in particular Asari Homeworld Pre Reapers Jita System (Eve Online) A bit more specific: Midgar FF7
  13. Hyperion5182

    OCR Secret Santa 2015

    Because its closing in on 2016's version 2015? I got Steam Pre-Order SF5. So Epic Hot Chun-Li plus the game itself.
  14. Hyperion5182

    OCR Secret Santa 2015

    You sir for the record blew me away. Now if i can only find a controller for the big one. Mine is nowhere near as impressive to my recipent. But it worked well last year, so i'm ready to try it again. =)
  15. Hyperion5182

    OCR Secret Santa 2015

    I had to wait on my paycheck i'm a little more strapped for cash than i was this year. My gift is being deployed as we speak. It might not make it on christmas day but it will arrive!