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Happy new year you sons of courtesians


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As is now a self-imposed directive:

Whereas I, as a denizen of the nation of the Commonwealth of Australia, and am now in 2015, while most of you guys are still in that old and pleasant era of 2014,

Whereas Overclocked Remix, which has brought a great deal of joy and social interaction to me since 2004,

Whereas OCR still makes ****hin' remixes I download and enjoy,

I hereby wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, and desire that all of you achieve your personal goals, find love (or deepen that which you already have), and live your lives as fully as you wish, with kindness and goodwill to all.

Be it known,


PS: It has come to my attention that I have misspelled courtesan, upon which I blame the alcohol and the Significant Other. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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