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  1. As is now a self-imposed directive: Whereas I, as a denizen of the nation of the Commonwealth of Australia, and am now in 2015, while most of you guys are still in that old and pleasant era of 2014, Whereas Overclocked Remix, which has brought a great deal of joy and social interaction to me since 2004, Whereas OCR still makes ****hin' remixes I download and enjoy, I hereby wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, and desire that all of you achieve your personal goals, find love (or deepen that which you already have), and live your lives as fully as you wish, with kindness and goodwill to all. Be i
  2. Note: I've always thought Jenna Coleman was good looking, but for some reason in this episode she's got some special mojo that radiates sexy in a way Karen Gillan and Billie Piper don't. Thinking man's muffin? Who knows? Now I have Clara on the brain and she can't get out! She must be an angel. Also had a minor crush on Osgood. May have been the scarf.
  3. So my slow and methodical approach of getting up to Heavy Metal and defending like a turtle until I get there now has to deal with the insanity that this expansion now has. I guess a lot more fun games with friends before I try my hand at a ladder match again. And I thought I was pretty good with 100 APM! Edit: My play has been entirely with Terran to the point that I still use SC I strategies with Zerg and Protoss. Which don't work.
  4. Spoiler alert: I am going to assume you've played up to WoL. I'm unimpressed by our main character. The redemptive side of the arc is good. Obviously Ms Kerrigan regained her soul even through the events of the entire campaign, which I actually think was handled very well. Her soul is not a shining example of honour, as in say Mr Horner, General Warfield, or even Valerian Mengsk, and you have to remember even Sarah Kerrigan the flirty ghost of SC I was a stone cold killer who'd waste you without a moment of hesitation if you were between her and her goal. (Nova is basically her before the infe
  5. It's not as silly as it sounds: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/books/newsflash-as-clark-kent-quits-daily-planet-20121023-282gn.html I think he might falter when he meets the internet hate machine though...
  6. Have fun Zircon... every time you see your TM being violated you HAVE to defend it! Sometimes I think it's more trouble than it's worth.
  7. Dude, you have my advice. Buying certainty is good and means they can't do more crazy stuff to you in the future.
  8. Actually, now that I think about it, ESO will be filled entirely with men prancing about with female elf avatars with overly large eyes, babyish features, ludicrous bodily proportions, and obscene clothing Like just about every Korean MMO ever
  9. The Radiant Quest system was, I think, a test platform. It's actually pretty good, because it feels a bit like an MMO but it's actually pretty tailored for you. And imagine how sweet it would be to be the duke of Bruma or Jarl of Whiterun, or head of the Morag Tong? If Bethesda really gives players choice and power it'd be the best sandbox game ever made.
  10. Tricia Helfer actually does a great acting bit when Joker first comments about his new bot... "Jeff... I'm... right here." If stunned disbelief can be monotonised, that was it.
  11. I really like this game. Love it, in fact. It's like Morrowind far more than Oblivion, and although I miss acrobatics and athletics and unarmed, and some of the spells are a bit silly (I don't see why they need to leave out levitating or the classic "save me" spells from Morrowind- Mark, Recall, and the Divine Intervention- totally understand why you can't get an Almsivi Intervention) the things they added really make it like you're living in Skyrim (I have a lovely house in Whiterun, and I feel like I'm at home there. Just like Balmora.) Just one thing. I'm standing on top of a gigantic burni
  12. Incidentally I felt Ms. Samantha Traynor was the biggest Up Yours to Fox News. This is good, because I have soft core in the middle of my RPG This is also bad because I have soft core in the middle of my RPG Soft core which the Sig. Other insists on playing because I've had my go and now she can play out all her depraved fantasies involving every kind of Commander Shepard and other sentient being. Did anyone else notice the equivalent of the Bayonetta "One hand controls" with ME3??? THIS IS NOT NORMAL GAME PLAYING BEHAVIOUR
  13. Not from what I'm reading. WE WANTS HAPPY ENDING WITH LOTS OF TINY BLUE CHILDREN is the general go. Incidentally, I really hope they make a Blasto RPG. It would be the most awesome RPG ever made, and to boot, the funniest. You know Bioware could do it.
  14. It's stupid for different reasons than everyone thinks its stupid. ie the stupidity lies not in the fact that Cmmdr Shepard lives happily ever after (or not) but that there's no logical reason why the ending is the way it is.
  15. My impressions of ME3: 1. When did my favourite Gunny Chief start to dress like a cheap whore (and also get a collagen injection. Yuck.) If I want to feel dirty talking to a guidette I can go to my nearest bar. 2. FAWWWWWWLCOOOOOOOOOOOON HEAAAAAADDDBUUUUUUUUUTTT 3. EDI is creepy and Joker should be reprimanded. 4. Everyone complaining about the ending is stupid. 5. Commander Shepard is the biggest slut in the galaxy. 6. Garrus is my new favouritest guy ever. You hit that ass, bro. Bro-fist. 7. Military discipline apparently doesn't exist even on an Alliance Cruiser (Fraternization cough cough
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