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VVVVVV/Metroid - "Nuclear Potential"

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At the request of tabhuli, I decided to attempt a mix/fusion of VVVVVV's "Potential for Anything" with a few elements from Metroid's Tallon Overworld 2 and Chozo Ruins themes. It's still deep in the "WIP" territory, but this is how it's coming along so far. Most of the songs elements are from VVVVVV, although a lot of the harmonies from Tallon Overworld are quite similar to those in Potential for Anything.

There's still a fair deal of EQ and mastering to do, though(not to mention improvements to the song itself).


Update #1:

* Messed around with the EQ a bit more. Hopefully it's a little more balanced now.

* Touched up some of the harmonies and cleared some of the noise. It's a lot cleaner and clearer now.

* Fixed up the drums. They stuck out quite a bit in the previous mix. I think they're blending in better now instead of blaring over the mix.

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Haha, well, chaotic was more or less what I was going for. My original idea was to keep the ambience of Tallon Overworld and bring in elements from Potential For Anything, but it didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. You can hear some of that idea towards the last quarter of the song. It was never fully realized, though, and in the end I decided to go with a more fast paced energetic feeling. Right now I'd say about 80% of the source material in the song is from VVVVVV. The lead at the start of the song is following a segment of Tallon Overworld II(albeit in a different key), while towards the end there's a familiar bit from Chozo Ruins.

There's definitely a ton of room for improvement though. After listening to it a few times there are places where the staccato strings aren't as clear as I'd like, and many areas where it feels either too empty or too full.

Thanks much for the feedback - I'm not much of a remixer, so every little bit helps out.

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Chaos isn't necessarily bad, but in this case, it's too much at once, which is literally difficult to listen to (like trying to pay attention to two separate people talking at the same time). It does start to blend better toward the end, so I definitely think you're on the right track there. I think the biggest problem is having two melodies going at the same time. Find a way to either transition between the two melody lines or hybridize them somehow and it'd make a huge difference.

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