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Some original game/soundtrack music; please take a listen (return from 1-year absence)


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The last time I posted here was around November of 2013. A lot of school/work stuff coalesced, and as I got busier, I felt less inclined to "jump back in" to OCR. Essentially it got harder and harder to put aside time for music. I switched mostly to FM-synth chiptune music, and still continue to make those types of tracks (see my soundcloud profile).

1+ year later and while the circumstances haven't entirely changed, I figured I might as well do my best to continue to hone my music craft. I welcome any and all feedback, since I really do care about getting better at mixing/producing (on FL Studio; I still need to update my FL10 to the latest FL). I would like to get together a portfolio or demo cd one of these days.

These are three disparate tracks, but they are some of the better ones I've made this past year:

Underhanded Foe

-RPG boss-style track. Pretty fun; this one was floating around in my head for years before I committed it to FL.

Conflict (Sea Zone OST)

I would really appreciate some feedback here. This is part of an album I will be releasing that I have been sitting on for some time, but I need to tweak things around to make sure the sound quality is good (on a few tracks at least).

Intro to the Living Legend

Another album idea in its formative stage. I don't know if it will blossom into a 10+ track album like Sea Zone above. I tried going for a bit more sweeping and "epic" sound while still sticking closely with synthesizer sounds.

By all means, take a listen and mention what you think works, or does not work. I am going to try to become a bit more active around these forums again, and actually try to get a mix posted one day (an on-and-off dream I've had for over a decade now, lol). Thank you for your time!

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