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Half-Life 2: The Complete Sound Re-design


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Do you love designing sound?

I do.

Where could a better group be found who has a passion for videogames and audio than OCR? Nowhere.

Recently, I decided that I needed a personal portfolio of sound design / composition for video to show my talent for potential employment. After much research and mini-projects I took on the hugely ambitious task of creating sounds and putting them into the always re-playable and beloved Half-Life 2. For a portfolio, there is something to be said about the advantage of interactivity over passive viewing. I figured there must be some other OCR users who desired a similar highlight in their portfolio/resume.

Valve has always been kind to it's wanna-be developers by having open source access, and modifiable in-game content.

Without getting too technical here are some links that helped me in figuring out how to replace sounds in HL2's code:





I have already experienced the overwhelming joy in hearing your own strider cries after slamming it with several explosives, but the task of recreating nearly 3000 individual ambiences/buttons/npc voices/footsteps(...o God not footsteps)/etc. etc. was too ambitious for me unless I had three years and a cave that produced corn flakes.

I am right now simply seeking potential interest for a possibly 6-month to a year (?) endeavor that could be very fun and frustrating and who knows what.

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