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  1. awwww yeeeee Some words: King Knight vs. Ballade Dewey Newt: The orchestral score take is something I could imagine being played by a professional symphony, easily recognizable themes from both sources and nicely directed energy towards the end. Gario: I love the 95(?) bpm rhythm and patterns, also recognize parts of both themes - some of the synths are (kinda) simple but overall enjoyed it. Wandering Travelers vs. Uranus JohnStacy: You have found a better fit for the Uranus theme than I have. I say good job, I like the thickly colored take on both themes (and that sexy piano.) FIESTA! Specter Knight vs. Enker PlanarianHugger: I love the title, you definitely take the trophy for best named track in my book. This one mixed the high energy from both tracks into a pretty high energy arrangement itself. I think some of the transitions from theme to theme were a little sudden or harsh, but the appropriate switch-ups and direction in the rhythm section held it together. Starphoenix: Lots of cool effects and manipulation of both themes into what I believe would've been a coherent arrangement...had they been in the same key Shovel Knight vs. Venus (I feel like shovel knight is an overture of sorts for some other themes I've heard from the game hmm) Jorito: Combines both sources better than any track I've heard so far in this compo. So smooth, although I must admit I found the voice distracting. MegaDrive: I liked the funky take on themes, with some cool color provided by the celestial sounding thing. However, a bit repetitive.
  2. "ah fuck" lmao seems more like an re-arrangement than remix sounds nice though
  3. Team Knight - Shovel Power (Shovel Knight vs. Tinker Knight).mp3 Team Robot - Not So Deviant Ballade (Ballade vs. Tinker Knight).mp3 Team Robot - Tinkering on Pluto (Pluto vs. Tinker Knight).mp3 clearly shovel power did an excellent job of arranging the themes with a new kind of energy depicting a fight I have a soft spot for solo piano stuff (sorry akalink ) but I think the next two best arrangements were as I listed. Slapping themes on top of each other's rarely works, and seems like some thoughtful arrangement went into these.
  4. The battle between Shovel knight and Ballade: I really like Gario's arrangement and style to incorporate the themes, although a bit short and could use some beefing up, it has promise. Jorito's remix does an excellent job of bringing both themes together seamlessly and the combination of sounds/instruments creates an overall exciting mix that grabs the emotions. Plague vs. Saturn: Hearing the original Plague Knight theme initially made me laugh at it's 'cooky?' melodies. Hearing it played on the organ/guitar combo adds a whole other layer of spooky and hilarity (in a positive way.) Lots of cool ideas and patterns that never makes this a boring mix, on the contrary: perhaps there are too many variations on the theme? Uranus vs. Propeller Knight: I wish anorax finished his :c I discovered that propeller knight is a very nice theme. I had lots of fun playing with them. Sounds like everyone had fun, I enjoyed hearing feedback and encourage everyone to submit wip's for feedback as often as they can.
  5. testin (never realized how fat uranus is )
  6. I'm impressed how fitting it is that you combined the percussive elements with the theme playing thru flute - it creates a vivid soundscape that paints more of a middle/south american vibe for me than african. Well done!
  7. source: I have my remix built, and not very well mixed yet. However, I'm trying to grab a little feedback: if you know the source - does it grab the nostalgia well enough? if you don't - would you say the arrangement is interesting+coherent enough? Was originally going for straight dance/trance and it turned into a sort of garage-y progressive vibe. wip wip wip wip wip
  8. This sounds like a great challenge and I foresee myself having time for this. Please consider me for team Robots, although I'd be happy with either team.
  9. hell yes. this is pretty amazing as a remix - such a vivid and tactile imagery
  10. Bumpd & updated ________ Would really appreciate feedback on the --> arrangement <-- side of things. It's easy to get lost in what you are creating while you are creating it, and this sometimes fogs my sense of balance of the original source to inventive material. Aside from mixing things which I haven't addressed all of (bass vs. drums is all over) how do you find the track as a remix from DK 64 creepy castle?
  11. O wow, great sounds and arrangement - I really get lost in this. The overall dynamics of the elements are struggling to fit in with each other though. I don't think you should change anything in your playlist, but instead spend some time with your mixer. Bus and sub-bus all your similar elements out and then mixdown very carefully. Trance has the potential to be much more massive than your current mix shows. Other than possibly making the build to 2:54 a little bit bigger, I love this arrangement. Edit : I maybe recognize the dynamics problem from a 'preset' on a mastering plugin. Dunno if that's what you used but even when you use a good mastering plugin you gotta pay teeny attention to detail in the mastering process, and have to constantly check/edit what it's doing to the audio.
  12. y'know - from DK64? phew... https://soundcloud.com/lukebarden/a-icreepyi-preview-o_o/s-3i8xw I like this source (multi. variations from the level) for inspiration: workin on drop stuff + mixing stuff + everything stuff
  13. Do you love designing sound? I do. Where could a better group be found who has a passion for videogames and audio than OCR? Nowhere. Recently, I decided that I needed a personal portfolio of sound design / composition for video to show my talent for potential employment. After much research and mini-projects I took on the hugely ambitious task of creating sounds and putting them into the always re-playable and beloved Half-Life 2. For a portfolio, there is something to be said about the advantage of interactivity over passive viewing. I figured there must be some other OCR users who desired a similar highlight in their portfolio/resume. Valve has always been kind to it's wanna-be developers by having open source access, and modifiable in-game content. Without getting too technical here are some links that helped me in figuring out how to replace sounds in HL2's code: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Sound https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Soundscripts https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Soundscapes http://source.gamebanana.com/tuts/11372 I have already experienced the overwhelming joy in hearing your own strider cries after slamming it with several explosives, but the task of recreating nearly 3000 individual ambiences/buttons/npc voices/footsteps(...o God not footsteps)/etc. etc. was too ambitious for me unless I had three years and a cave that produced corn flakes. I am right now simply seeking potential interest for a possibly 6-month to a year (?) endeavor that could be very fun and frustrating and who knows what.
  14. Yeah, you got good vibes in your atmospheric / background movements and tonality. I'm going to complain a lot about the percussion. - The resonance introducing your drum bus through the LPF is too high. It's a good effect but it can get painful. - Kick Drum: turn down the release! Put a transient shaper on there or do it yourself, the boom end of the kick is sloppy and loose - something you absolutely can't have in a 170+ track unless you VERY CAREFULLY mix it in with the other elements. - The shape of the whole drum loop break changes throughout the song, this almost makes it sound like 2-3 different songs. Try to smooth together your sections with the same drum sounds in the breaks. From 0:00-0:45 and from 3:00 on you have those 'good vibes' sounds and it feels like drum n' bass. The other parts however are hard to consider part of the same song. Smooth together your sections, put in a worthy outtro, and keep those vibes going throughout the song and it will be very enjoyable!
  15. Acoustic piano album. Some original, some covers. Even got a little Super Mario 64 in there https://soundcloud.com/lukebarden/sets/winter-zs Enjoy!
  16. Bump ^^^ this is a great album idea, don't want it to die Kanohi I'd like to hear your track. I have all but finished my troff n' scoff and would be happy to share it with the other artists on the album just to keep up the interest
  17. some more diverse arranging, a bit of mixing down, lots of happy struggles >_> https://soundcloud.com/lukebarden/monstawrs-in-da-castle/s-Ua8B8
  18. Hey everyone, The range and diversity of skills on ocremix always amazes me - but I'm looking for something - don't really know what yet but I am in need of aid for this project. old: https://soundcloud.com/lukebarden/smw-castle-wip/s-iWq8T updated: https://soundcloud.com/lukebarden/monstawrs-in-da-castle/s-Ua8B8 Does anyone have some experience mixing these bass heavy + fast tempo kinds of tunes? I struggle off and on with arrangement but that seems to take care of itself. However, my ears are in the dark when it comes to the mix approach of this genre. I'd be open to the idea of sharing this project as a collaboration and any suggestions you may have with the subtle problems of dnb / neurofunk that you see related to my project. That being said, are there any neurofunk remixes/artists on ocremix? Peace, Luke
  19. Cool song! I love that 808 in the beginning Some of the sweep/FX things like at :42 - you should take care about bringing them into and out of the mix - it will make the transition from this part to the dnb break smoother. At the dnb break (:50) try varying the hihat with another hihat a little bit in the break so it's not so stagnant. At 1:20 watch the EQ for the bass - it's a little bit muddy. Also the kick drum at the part 1:40 - I can tell where it is, but I can't hear it. Making room in the lower spectrum (i.e. clearing up the bass synth) will make more room for the kick to shine
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