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*NO* Final Fantasy 8 '3, 2, 1... ACTION!'


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Remixer name: Bluelighter

Real name: Guillaume SAUMANDE


ID forum: 30998

Game & Songs: Final Fantasy 8 & Slide Show part 2, Slide Show part 1, Retaliation, The Stage is Set, Love Grows

Composer: Nobuo UEMATSU


· - Slide Show p2 :

· - Slide Show p1:

· - Stage is Set:

· - Retaliation:

· - Love Grow:


This is an orchestra arrangement of the Slide Show from ff8. In the original story, Laguna worked on a film, wich is the dream of his life. I’ve tried to describe different scenes of this film: comedy, action, romance…

More than the Slide Show, this mix integrates briefly some major themes of the game. At 2’20, we hear the main action theme of ff8, with the rhythm of retaliation. The next part at 2’43 works like a canon, alternating themes of retaliation and love grow (in a sadder variation), adding some elements of Slide Show p2. At this part, pizz and harp reproduce respectively rhythmic parts of Slide Show p1 and retaliation in a really soft variation.

The mix concludes by its main theme, in a higher key. The last harmony is a wink to the last notes of ff8’s ending theme.

Enjoy :)

Slide Show p2 :

Slide Show p1:

Stage is Set:


Love Grow:

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This was very difficult to judge. Beyond the fact that a bunch of songs are showcased over a ~4 minute span, they're also heavily re-interpreted to the point that they're barely recognizable in some cases. I'll admit I'm not overly familiar with the FF8 OST, but I went back and forth from the source tracks to the arrangement and, despite repeated listens, could not figure out what the 1:12 to 1:48 section was from.

Each individual segment of this arrangement is very impressive. The problem is that there are individual segments. In particular, I really didn't like the fact that the section using Retaliation and Love Grows are completely separated from the rest of the arrangement by silence. That section, from about 2:40 to 3:48, is just interjected into the middle of an otherwise excellent interpretation of Slide Show Pt. 2 that utilizes bits and pieces of other tracks. Although it kind of creates a feeling of breaking things up into movements, I don't think it's appropriate in this context. It seems to me like you had too many ideas.

Again, each individual part is really well made, and the arrangement of each song is clever and original. But as a whole, it's not cohesive. I honestly think if you just straight-up removed the 2:40 to 3:48 section, I could give this a YES, but until then...

NO (resubmit)

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Ugh, I struggle with medleys and medley-like arrangements. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. I've been going over this one with Beatdrop for a little while here... and I have to agree with his assessment almost entirely. This is a really nicely produced track, it sounds great! But like Beatdrop, I can't identify 1:12-1:48 at all. It doesn't seem to be "The Stage Is Set" (in fact I can't identify that source anywhere in the mix.)

You've mentioned that at 2:20 we hear the "main action theme of FF8." Beatdrop and I have been looking for a youtube video of that, and nothing is listed. Anyone familiar with FF8's OST, help!

I have to also agree that 2:40-3:48 sounds really out of place, the track comes to a near-complete stop before and after this section, really chopping up the flow of the arrangement. This is an interesting arrangement decision, gives it a "multi-movement" kind of feel, but I'm not sure it works with OCR's standards. I have to agree that removing that section would make it more cohesive, although the track would definitely lose something that you've spent time to create.

This is a super good sounding mix and I hate to do this, but I think it just doesn't fit into the standards with this arrangement.

Also *gets out soapbox yet again* PLEASE PEOPLE... INCLUDE A SOURCE BREAKDOWN WITH YOUR SUBMISSION... especially when you are mixing multiple sources! It really helps us out and speeds up the judging process!

NO (resubmit)

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A more detailed breakdown would help us (you've already given us a breakdown), but I think this is a NO either way. I don't think it's a very cohesive piece at all, even though the execution may be the best I've heard from Guillaume yet. Sure, there are transitions, but it's still very abrupt when the source song changes. Actually, the transitions tend to highlight the segmented nature of the song rather than hide it. The transition at 1:08 draws out that last note and really calls attention that something is changing. The transition at 1:32 changes the time signature, which is also very attention-getting. Keys change, tempos change. All-in-all, very medley-like.

There were many places were the writing also sounded awkward to me. The low brass at 1:02 sounded very late, while the off-rhythm stabs at 2:20 didn't mesh well with the other writing. The 2:40 section was directionless and felt like it needed one instrument to take more focus, rather than have so many playing essentially background parts. The Slide Show runs at 3:11 really didn't work well, clashed melodically (perhaps intentionally). At 3:30, the Love Grows melody hits a low note that I don't think works well.

Production is serviceable but not perfect. There's lots that can be tightened up, but the sample quality is the first thing that comes to mind. Big problem here is the medley structure followed by the bits of writing that aren't that great.

NO (resubmit)

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