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  1. I'm not having any issues with the mixing, it sounds great to me. The song does sound a bit repetitive, but it is very well executed and enjoyable to listen to. YES
  2. I agree with Sir_NutS and I will add a couple of things. The kick being used is a tuned kick which isn't really appropriate in this type of song, and it is not in tune with the song anyway. A plain punchy kick with a minimal tail would work better here. During the heavy parts of the song there are too many elements competing for space both in frequency and soundscape placement. The different parts also conflict sometimes in writing, which happens when there are too many complex parts playing at once. Interesting ideas but definitely needs some arrangement and production work. NO
  3. This is lovely, I love the combination of winds, bells and harp, and the bird sounds are a nice touch. I wish the overall master was a touch louder. YES
  4. Hi, i made a music video for the Portal contructing lemons remix, you made over at ocremix a while back, hope you don't mind me using your audio, It's an awesome remix. cheers.

  5. Mixing could certainly be improved, soundscape cleared and everything made more distinct. It sounds unnecessarily flat and mushy in that regard. But the arrangement and instrumentation remind me of an epic storytelling Genesis track from their very early days. Well done. YES
  6. Whoa, cool. Kick could be louder, but hot damn. YES
  7. Oh man, I love this piano playing! It's just a straight playthrough of the source though, which isn't transformative enough for OCR, but I'm loving it. I'm feeling like I'd love to add a drum groove and bassline and synths to this! I'd love to hear this again with something unique added to set it apart from the original. NO (but I'd love it if you resubmit)
  8. Agreed about the bassline being mud, it's very washed out. Also, the bass writing feels too busy, or at least, it tends to clash with the drum/perc writing more than it should, rather than complimenting it. Starting at 0:30, the bass has swing and the drums don't (later on, bass and drums both have swing, which feels better). Other than that, the rest is dreamy and luscious. Rebecca, I still recommend you look into finding ways to make your soundscape more distinct, more 3D. This could be so much more lively than it is. Regardless, it is lovely. YES
  9. I don't feel much connection to this source and it's a source I know well. It's a bold source to choose to remix since the source is somewhat nebulous. The synths are super simple and need some motion/interest/modulation/sidechaining or something. Beats are simple and thin. Good start but this needs some work. I agree with Larry about hitting up our workshop. NO
  10. What an interesting combination of potentially-serious EDM and super silly brass and accordion, all well executed and ultimately giving this a cute comic flare. I like the total change of pace at 1:55 to a somewhat reggae groove. Oh, a trucker's gear shift haha! Nice bitcrushing. Oh wait, a second gear shift! And a third! Ok this is super fun, love it. I feel like shopping for bombs now. YES
  11. I think this is great now. Interesting all the way through. The track has a surprising amount of sub bass (grin). Ending feels cut off, I would prefer that last note end naturally.... but other than that this works for me. Fun track! YES
  12. This music is really impressive, Nabeel. Great work!!!
  13. There is so much to love about this remix, it's so creative! It needs a few fixes though. Dubstep drums have got to be on point. I think the drum writing is fine, but the sounds need to improve. The kick is not a proper dubstep kick, the snare isn't heavy/loud enough, and the hats are kind of lost mixed in the center. Regarding wubs and leads playing at the same time, it works fine as long as everything has its place in the soundscape. Starting at 0:47 (and again at 3:19), there is too much going on in the same frequency range (and a lot of it is in the center) and it's too hectic, it is better at 0:58 because there's less going on (and the backing sounds wider) but the panning of the wub so far left feels unbalanced. I think this will work well if you widen the wubs/backing quite a bit leaving the lead to occupy the center (as you have it now). The lead timbres do feel quite vanilla, but the writing makes up for it I think. 1:48 really exposes the drum issues I mentioned. The solo writing starting at 2:10 feels very random and doesn't follow a contour well. If this were my track, I'd consider cutting out 1:37-2:32 entirely, that part seems unnecessary and doesn't flow well. TL;DR - Change the kick to a solid dubstep sample, make the snare louder/more impactful, give the hats a little stereo image, widen your wubs/backing with no hard-left panning, and either re-write the solo lead so it makes more melodic sense or chop 1:37-2:32 out of the mix entirely, and this will be a yes from me. This is very cool and I'd love to see it on the front page. NO (please resubmit)
  14. I agree with every crit listed here, but I still think this track is good to go. Without timestamping, I feel like the source usage is dominant enough, there's no doubt about what is being remixed. I love the hybrid genre here, jazz, electro and some chippies. The mixing could surely be cleaner, and the leads could be less vanilla, but what's here gets it done. The drums and bass pattern feels a bit loopy, and the abrupt ending feels sloppy, but the overall effect is very unique and fun. Let's do this. YES
  15. Cool dance track, definitely not psytrance. The arrangement is incredibly full which is fine, but the mixing sinks it. The bass is fatiguing which may be due to the timbre used, it has a lot of mids which is making the rest of the mids feel intensely crowded. Find a way to clear up the mixing by replacing sounds or eqing or stereo widening so the mids aren't migraine-inducing. NO (resubmit)