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"The Final Stage" a song inspired by classic Mega Man games...


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Hey, YoungProdigy here. I recently composed "The Final Stage". This song was inspired by the music in the classic Mega Man games. It could probably fit as a Wily stage theme.

You can listen to it here:


As always; critique is welcome.

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Here are some things I would work on for your next track:

Most of your instruments are fighting with one another for space. I would give them breathing room in the form of different octaves, volumes, and panning to give an all-together richer sound. A muddy sound predominates the track right now because everything feels like it is the same volume, hitting the same range, in the dead center.

A few simple tricks (diversifying the range, velocity/volume, and location) of instruments goes a long way to making tracks sound 100x better. I usually keep the drums and bass in the center, because they anchor the piece, with leads coming in and out of the center as the track demands - however, you don't always have to do things that way.

Keep it up, and keep on improving.

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