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EFP Vol 7: Electro Machines (Now Available!) Free / Name Your Price

Zen Frazier

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Hi Guys!

Just wanted to drop a note that our 7th Electro Freaks compilation album is now available for download! As usual we have our regular OCR friends and contributors like Flexstyle, zircon, DjjD, Benjamin Briggs, bLiNd, and Leitbur - plus tons of other stuff which you will like if you enjoy any of the above!

The album is again free/name your price; any generous support will go towards keeping all of our releases free on Bandcamp, streaming on Soundcloud, etc.

Oh and if you haven't already, be sure to grab Volumes 1-6 (all free on our Bandcamp). Vol 6 in particular I highly recommend!

Album art © and courtesy of RoboticsClub: http://instagram.com/RoboticsClub


EFP Vol 07: Electro Machines Tracklist:

01 radionarcotix x Decktonic - Born Again

02 Featurette - Memorize

03 Benjamin Briggs - Methods

04 bLiNd - Bijuu

05 zircon - Firecracker

06 DjjD - Wavy Things

07 TheBlackParrot - Cosmos

08 SREYAS - Tornado

09 Riverbender - Arprecious

10 Leitbur - Counterpart

11 Binster - Forest

12 Flexstyle - Oasis (KingTiger's Total Care Package Remix)

13 reV - Die of a Good Thing (Original Mix)

14 Color Theory - Productivity (Matt Mancid Retro Crossover Version) (Remaster)

15 Vincenzo Salvia - Gelato Party

16 Tad Rees - The Sherpa's Path

17 Ryan Duhon - t3mp0r4ry (Riverbender Remix)

18 Almark - IC

Thanks for checking it out!

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