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I have a few video game remixes that I've been considering posting up here.

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Hello. I know I'm new to these forums, but I've been following this site since I was wee lad (haha) I'd say 10 years, at the longest. Back when AE, Darksworde, and The Wingless, were my favorite artists on the site. But I kinda stopped following the site all together, because I noticed a drop in quality of actual video game music (solely my opinion though), so I got less interested in the remixes that could have popped up.

But anyway I've been making and remixing music for a long time, but finally got confident enough with a few tracks I may submit.

The first one is a Trance remix of Requiem of Spirit from Ocarina of time that I've branded under my Trance alias "Trancera"


Edit: Noticed the rules. Lols :D

I'll post my other remixes separately some other time.

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Nice to see another Trance enthusiast/artist.

This definitely sounds very PsyTrance so good stuff there. I like the vibe and the feel you gave the track filling in all the silence with percussive effects and such. That and the constant arpeggios pretty much define trance.

At 2:20 - 2:45 or so though, I think you need to clear up that interplay between the 2 little triangle-ish leads. Maybe bring the repeating note down an octave to give them a bit of separation. The intro is a bit slow too I think, but in Trance I suppose that's ok. Your snare needs a bit more reverb IMO, but that's just me nitpicking perhaps.

Can't tell if you need EQ work since I'm using laptop speakers right now, but I'll give it another listen later in my studio and see if I hear anything else.

All in all though, pretty cool.

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Ah, I see. Lowering that section from 2:20-2:45 would make sense. I really like the intro in this track, but I feel like it comes in too quickly haha. I really like progressive stuff to be honest. But as far as EQ goes, It's hard for me to tell what needs work because all I have to work with are monitor headphones, and I think they're burning out, due to constant use for like 2 years.

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In the end, you are the architect of your own remix, so it's all good :-)

The intro is fine, I just felt it run a bit long. Though, I'm guilty of the same thing sometimes.

Yea, try lowering the octave on that part and see how that sounds.

As far as mixing goes, headphones for the most part are really deceptive as they tend to add color no matter what. One set of headphones that I can tell you is actually quite reliable (in my opinion) for moderate level to professional level mixing is the Sennheiser HD600. There are similar models that are cheaper and more expensive, but this specific model sounds fantastic and tells you the truth, not flattery. They aren't too expensive, but are well worth the investment, so if your current headphones are dying on you, you might as well get some reliable new ones for monitoring. Just a suggestion. Plus, they are really comfortable. Open-back though, so hopefully you don't have roommates who will bug you. Lol.

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