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YouTube channel needs YOUR music!

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G'day guys!

We're an entertainment website that is in desperate need of some music for our YouTube channel. While we cover all forms of entertainment, our passion and our specialty lie with videogames. I myself am an avid gamer of over 26 years, having started on the Commodore 64 and then owning almost every console released since.

I know it's a big ask, but I would LOVE some music from an OC Remix member. I've frequented the site for years and loved just about every remix that I've come across, and I'm always pleasantly surprised by people's creative interpretations of what I consider some of the most amazing music ever created.

I actually don't require too much music tbh, my intro for my channel is 8 seconds long, and then all I would need is a simple loop for background music that can be edited to simply repeat in the background. My dream for the intro would be something that quickly goes from 8 bit to modern, but holds a simple catchy tune, however as I said I am desperate and would gladly use any smart little tune that comes my way.

At this point, my website makes absolutely no money, so I can't afford to pay someone. I am however, willing to link to whatever websites and social media presences that artist would like, be it Soundcloud, Bandcamp, a Facebook page or whatever. I'm also willing to plug them on my YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and send web traffic their way!

If you have some snippets of music lying around, or you would like to create something short and simple for me, let me know - it would mean THE WORLD to me!

Here is my website, anywho: www.stickytrigger.com

(and Facebook) https://www.facebook.com/StickyTriggerEntertainment

Thanks again, guys!

Sincere Regards,

Nick (Sticky Trigger Entertainment)

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