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  1. Please add me for acoustic violin, electric violin, and synthesizers (Wavetable, FM, and digitally controlled analog) I'd like to let go of Galbadia GARDEN and claim The Castle if possible.
  2. Hi everyone I'm back too. @Thirdkoopa hit me up for violin and mandolin!
  3. Hey, thought I'd check in with this. What's happening - is the management still being sorted out? Also may I be listed somewhere for acoustic and electric violin if anyone wants it. That would be wonderful!
  4. Do you all think it would be good idea to tie in the menu theme with a slower, more contemplative version of the 64 stage clear theme? They might go quite well together. I'm wondering how redundant this idea would be..... what medleys are covering this? ^ Also, are any medleys going to include the 64 menu theme? Also I realllllyyyy want to do Bolse....... in the style of @bLiNds suberb 'Meteor' remix. Is it OK if I claim that one too?
  5. YO! May I claim the menu theme from 64? It's a gem. I also would like to offer violin recording too!! : ) Trev
  6. If I may chime in, I am super particular about my mixes but would prefer to have someone else master it. My vote's for submitting a single 2-mix with -6db headroom!!!
  7. Hi everyone - I've created an 8-bit guitar effects pedals that is intended for use with Chiptune music. I handcraft them. Any interest in something like this? Cheers, Trev Wignall
  8. Cool! Also I'd like to stake my claim on Galbadia Garden (I've gotten in touch with Brandon about this).
  9. Hiya everyone!!! If anyone wants acoustic violin, I can offer that. Would love to play on your track. And if you want electric violin too: it sounds like a zany cross between lead synth and lead guitar. Cheers! Trev
  10. Hello OCR. As far as I can tell, this is the best place place to post this but feel free to move it, or whatever. This is my set from this past MAGFest, my first set at a major festival. I'm a new act. OCR: thoughts? What do you all like about this? What don't you like? Is this too weird sounding? Not weird enough? Would you go out of your way to see this? Should I keep trying to do this? If you were there would you keep listening or not? In sum: would you buy this for a dollar? Known issues: video is out of sync for some tracks (I'll fix my own copy later, is MF's official stream. It's better in the second half) and the visuals were a big component of this but they are unfortunately really hard to see. : / I'm in Chapel Hill NC. If you are (in) a band, where are you, and do you want to play a show with me? Cheers, Trev
  11. Hey F-Zero and Metroid fans, This a 15-minute F-Zero X and Metroid medley. It's a part I -> part II deal, so I hope I'm not breaking protocol here. The F-Zero X track is a completely overhauled version from a DoD sub which didn't do so well (it was pretty bad actually)! The F-Zero part focuses on violin pyrotechnics, while Metroid is more laid-back and a cavernous atmosphere takes the forefront. Listen to it here. Live here. Trev Wignall
  12. I performed my remix of Space Invaders at a prog rock show where I live. Actually, for some reason this has some of my best electric violin playing ever (I think that's kind of weird actually). Here it is:
  13. What has your experience with Scirra been like? What's your clientelle? Do you market to certain game genres? By 'profitable' do you mean that one could make a significant chunk of income from taking your approach? If you don't mind, could you elaborate a lttile on this? Thanks!
  14. Hi Everyone - I'd like to introduce the GuitarBoy bitcrush pedal. I created it after it became apparent to me that video game and chiptune musicians could really use an intuitive and stylish guitar effects pedal for emulating Game Boy tones. The GuitarBoy features bit depth and sample rate reduction, and also sample rate modulation, a feature which is unique to the GuitarBoy. SR Mod enables your guitar (or other electric instrument of choice) to sound like it's coming straight out of a Game Boy. Since there aren't any pedals that do this currently on the market, the GuitarBoy offers the chance to obtain unique Chiptune tones. Demos are on my website: trevwignalldesign.com I'm a violinist and I'm passionate about sound design too. If anyone has any comments, feedback, or interest, I'd love to hear from you! Cheers, Trev Wignall
  15. I could ask my brother about art. His work is here. He does all of my album covers too. I would love to see this project succeed! Is there anything I could do to help?
  16. Well, the visuals sat on my hard drive for a while and then I decided to try something quick. No reason other than that. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll certainly try it. Normally it's on all the time because I'm rather fond of phasing/flanging/chorusing effects on electric violin. I fully embrace overprocessed sounds. However, I might be falling into the same pitfal that I used to with distortion - I used to have that on constantly too! Trev
  17. I took a few famous scenes from Final Fantasy VIII and made them into visuals for my Tennis Court cover. There become obvious around 1:30 or so. What do you think? Enjoy! Trev
  18. Greetings! I would like to submit my Metroid Title Theme remix and my MegaMan III Title Theme remix. What do you all think of them? Which one has a chance!?! Metroid! MegaMan! Trev
  19. Hey Everyone! I'm pleased to share the newly minted FringeWorld -EP-, which I played at MAGStock on my electric violin this past month. Three tracks will show up on OCR albums. Also, the EP was premiered with live video by brother, Dylan Wignall at the Carrboro ArtsCenter in NC where I live. Listen and let me know what you think! The video of the live performance is on my YT channel. Cheers, and check it out! Thanks! Trev Wignall
  20. I'm busy until August - however I could contribute some writing (my experince is mostly electronic however) and definitely live acoustic violin on anything you might need. If you'll need a reference then check out 'Do You Remember' on Ivan's forthcoming PS1 tribute album.
  21. I can offer "Silence" (the "Dream Chaser" version) on violin. LongBoxofChocolate, good luck!!!
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