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Lands of Lore (PC) - Catwalk Caverns


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Hi there!


Here is another cover (gutiar / bass) of the fantastic, tremendous, utmost RPG game on PC that is ... *drumroll* ... Lands of Lore!!! *tadammmm + trompets*

Ok I love this game (and other RPGs like baldur's gate :)) and the sound track was reallly good.


Enjoy the cover here:



Thank you!


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I appreciate this cover so hard. You picked the perfect medium for this song, I have to think this is what the original composer was going for with the MIDI. What a great soundtrack that game has, and you picked such a fun track. I'd love to hear more LOL mixes. Great job! Any possibility of an MP3?

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Thank you very much for this kind reply MrSneak.

The composer (Frank Klepacki) did a wonderfull work on the OST of this game, they are really ambient.

I previously did another cover of LOL here:


in an "electro-like" approach.

For the MP3 I should recommend 9xBuddy for download the song as a MP3 (there are plenty of other site but this one is cool):


(warning: scroll down then click on MP3 - 256 kbps for a nice quality soundtrack).


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Thanks for the links! I'll add your track to my collection. :) I think you're the only person working on LOL tracks on this site which is insane. It's so good.

I was humming through some of the LOL soundtrack in my head. So many of the tracks would play well with your guitar skills.

I must suggest that the Castle Cimmeria theme would translate well into your style. I just imagine a lead guitar screaming through the melody with that crazy bass working and it lights up my goosebumps.

But whatever with my suggestion. Keep doing what inspires you. <3

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Thanks! Among the other tracks I plan to cover there is, indeed, Castle Cimmeria (nice bass in this one) / The White Tower and Victor's Theme. These are plenty of nice melody lines, and they can rock for sure.

I'm going to cover those accordingly to my agenda and to other covers: Novatorm, S.C.O.U.T., Fury of the furies, Simon the sorcerer 2, Commander Keen are other stuff .... damn there are a ton of great music other there!

Glad you enjoyed the work. :)

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The 3rd floor of the White Tower is host to my first horrified-by-a-game memories, and the music is no small part of that tension and terror. I'm excited to see how you translate that theme into guitar. (Maybe with guitar meedly-meedlies on the teensy-weensy strings?)

Victor's Theme is a really good pick, very memorable.

I'll look forward to your covers, have fun man.

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With these horrible ghosts, not to mention that you have to keep the emerald stuff to get ride of them or the Valean's cube, but they hit with quite a punch.

i did not decide yet how to translate the ost to guitar, but I am sure there is plenty of room for interpretation and fun!

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