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Hey music aficionados,

I recently came back to a strange and interesting soundtrack that I had to share. It's for a GBA game that was ported to DS called Mazes of Fate, one of a few first-person fantasy RPGs for those handhelds.

The music is crazy diverse and original. Check it out for yourself:

I don't have a particular request, but I thought you guys would get a kick out of how cool this soundtrack is, and maybe somebody would be inspired to update a song or two.


A few of my favorites:

"Character Select" is gentle and sublime, though doesn't offer much to work with as far as source material goes. Could be a good intro and outro to a mashup with another track.


"Latin Dungeon" is snazzy and has a fun rhythm with interesting use of instruments. I like how casual and meandering it is.


"Mountain Town" has as distinct Secret of Mana feel, IMO. Upbeat and adventurous.


"Rashtel Town" Suprisingly funky.


That's all, hope you've enjoyed.

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After listening to this soundtrack more, I wanted to update the thread. One of the things I've noticed about the OST, in general, is that the ambient tunes take some time to ramp up, and when they do, they have some really great melodies.

Here's one in particular.


"The Forest" This is my absolute favorite on this OST. At about 0:45, the pan flute starts to kick in and delivers a surprisingly emotional theme. It's the only song in this list I put on repeat.

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Great tracks but the "Tavern" (track played when you enter tavern of a town in game) track is missing from album and is not available anywhere else on internet.

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