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"Seraphim" Original Soundtrack (Available for Listening!)


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Hello, fellow game music fans!  ReMixer Peach here with a special game music soundtrack I wrote for a published indie game!  It is available for listening on 
 and SoundCloud, and we have plans for a physical album release.


Game Description

"Seraphim", a different kind of arcade shooter by Studio Ravenheart, is an indie title for the PlayStation Vita (Mobile), iOS, Android, Nook, Kindle, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.  Taking place in an abstract celestial realm, you assume the role of a great otherworldly being known only as The Seraph, defending the worlds from invading constructs with blasts from your six mighty wings.



1. Hail to the Seraph

2. Our Protector

3. Fragmented

4. Our Protector Empowered


Hail to the Seraph

This song features as the title menu, high score, and instructions theme, invoking the sound of imminent battle.  It is a derivative of the song played when fighting against the incoming threats, played at a slightly slower pace for a different feeling.




Our Protector

This song features as the main theme, heard while fighting against the incoming threats. Borrowing some ideas from "Strength of a Thousand Men" by Two Steps from Hell, this piece shows influences from Super Smash Bros., Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, and perhaps some other game soundtracks.





This song features as the death/game over theme for version 1.1 of the game.  Taking some cues from a minimalist piano piece—not written by me—found in version 1.0 of the game, this composition embraces both ambient and minimalist styles.  A familiar melody plays for the final third of the song.




Our Protector Empowered

This song features while in the effect of one of several power-ups for version 2.0 of the game.  With the temporary ability, the environment changes in appearance as a continuous dance beat plays.  I originally wanted to use Vocaloid Prima for the standard version of Our Protector, but time did not allow it.  Thankfully, the idea was implemented in this energised version of the song.





Seraphim logo, soundtrack, and all other game material are ©2015 Studio Ravenheart. All Rights Reserved.

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