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Acoustic Guitarist Needed for Clock Town Remix

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Hello, everyone!  I am working on a remix of Clock Town that I started in 2010, and I require direct recordings from a nylon (or gut-string) guitarist for some parts.



A while back, a Zelda role-playing environment was being developed in Second Life.  The setting was Termina, 100 years after the events of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.  According to the backstory, Clock Town flourished and grew over the century and became the capital city of the land.  This remix was being written for the future Clock Town.  However, a sim (region) could not be procured.  Instead, this remix will make its home (hopefully) on OCReMix.



Below are recordings of sequenced material.  The first is a slightly older WIP of what I have currently.  The second is my attempt to use a guitar sample I procured recently to give a crisp, natural sound using Roland SuperNATURAL technology.


Clock Capital (WIP)


Gut Guitar Line


Is anyone interested in helping to provide natural guitar lines for the remix?  Thank you in advance!

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