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Corridor 7 (DOS) - Untitled Remix

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Remix of a couple of songs from the DOS game Corridor 7.





heavy2.mid =
l1_var.mid =

level3.mid =



I'm just using a Megadrive/Genesis soundfont to write it. I'll make the full production after I get done writing the song.

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I've got to admit I like the Mega Drive sound.. :)


This has a happy energetic vibe for certain. It's quite fun.


There's some repetitiveness at this point. The structure seems to start with (intro)+ABCABC and the second ABC feels like a close repeat of the first ones. Maybe you could vary the bassline more in the second ABC - it keeps the same(ish) throughout. It feels like the intro goes on a touch long, you could cut to the B part at 0:30 - you've been playing the A part riff since 0:08 in the intro so it kind of counts as A part repetition (if you get what I mean), and 0:30-0:37 didn't seem to have anything new.


In the C part, the melody seems to have a note clashing with the harmony at 0:52 (and subsequently).


My daughter (4yo) commented that this is a nice song.

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