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How do I make this sound?

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I play a dulcimer, and I have made this sound accidentally before, but I need to know how to make it deliberately, it's the very last simultaneous 2 notes in this remix.  This is a guitar but you could make it with any stringed instrument apparently.  Probably wouldn't be able to with nylon strings though, I dunno.



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That's called a harmonic. You can play one by letting one of your fretting fingers rest lightly on a string at particular points along the fretboard and plucking it, removing the fretting finger just after so you don't muffle it. Dulcimers have a few different fret layouts, so it's a little hard to give points of reference without knowing them, but they all have a fret whose note is one octave above the note of the open string. Try playing a harmonic up there - it's one of the easiest to produce.


Naturally Wikipedia has lots of (admittedly fairly technical) info on the topic. Functionally, this is as applied to the guitar, but the science is the same on any stringed instrument. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guitar_harmonics

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