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  1. I wanted to test something out so I loaded this up in Audacity and sped it up 4x, and here is the result. https://app.box.com/s/loh661lyi6cdp7t4cpis7up9ptp92l7a Still...I agree it's sort of pushing the site standards at least a bit.
  2. Just thought I'd drop by to let you know of an issue I found regarding the 50% requirement for a song to dominate the majority of a remix. I was listening to game soundtracks on YouTube when I came across one of my favorite tracks. (note this may apply to others as well) The main theme of this is 42 seconds long. Now here's the Link Between Worlds version. There's an extra little bit in this one that goes from 0:42 to 1:05, which is 23 seconds long. Here's where the problem comes in. You can completely omit the extra part of the latter, and still be over the 50%, since 42 seconds dominates the majority of 65 seconds, or somewhere around 66%. So in this case, judgewise, which is a remix of which? as stated this effect may be there in other songs too.
  3. Would something like this be okay for the site? I was wondering how one would remix the DK Rap song...and none other than Brentalfloss came up with the answer. Still wanted to know what joojes thought. I'm sorta on the fence about it myself.
  4. I was trying to think of a hilarious album project that could also be an official project to kick off here....and I found this bunch of oddballs. If anyone wants to do this go ahead, just credit me with the idea.
  5. Source songs are here: And here's the WIP, putting together a concept first via Audacity and then I'll put together a MUCH better version. I've uploaded the file. MashupWorkingCopy.wav
  6. I'm pretty sure if a remix was made with this thing, depending on how good it was it would pass the panel.
  7. Hey peoples, I had this game for a bit, but just in case someone wanted to remix something from it, it's free on steam, and it's called "Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt", I myself think some tracks would translate well to the trance treatment...
  8. Yep, agree with the judges that lead is...eww. but thankfully the rest of it is top notch. GREAT WORK!
  9. Youtube has a Silver Play Button for 'Tubers who reach that level...so this post is gauging interest to see who wants to see DJP upload a video of himself unboxing his OWN Silver Play Button. I'm pretty sure people would clamber all over that one. Hell, we made him what he is practically. CONGRATS DJP!
  10. Is this organ VST good enough to use in a ReMix? There's a YouTube demo of it on the page, I have it, and was thinking of using it in my Castlevania boss mix...if I can these days. RL has me running around like a headless chicken lol http://www.vst4free.com/free_vst.php?plugin=Church_Organ_2nd&id=622
  11. As for me, I think the Pile Wonder title screen could be translated into some good uplifting trance. the source is pretty messed up near the end of the loop though...I may need to figure out a way to convert that bit.
  12. Talk about obscure, this system doesn't even exist on GameFAQs! and I doubt you've ever heard of it before...they have the actual games running in an applet, so you're good with finding music if you can figure out the controls. https://archive.org/details/megaduck_library
  13. Alex is going to take over for Jose, I just know it...
  14. I'm really feeling Gangsta's Theme from Killer Instinct I think it can be turned into something EDM/trance really easy. Also may use the Danger version for transitions. But I'm leaving it open because knowing my track record of actually FINISHING stuff lately....
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