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Hey everyone! My name is Josh Barron and I am not sure if some of you have heard of me but I used to have Kingdom Hearts piano collection project a few years ago. I have come back into the industry with a labor of love that has been going on for quite some time. I have assembled a group of string musicians to perform arrangements from various game titles. I will be making an album and this album will be called The ETHEReal String Project.

Here is the tracklist:

1. Fang’s Theme for String Orchestra (from FINAL FANTASY XIII)

Two Nordic Folk Songs for Piano and String Quintet (from ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM)

2. Song I: Secunda
3. Song II: Ancient Stones

4. Trisection for String Orchestra (from FINAL FANTASY TACTICS)

5. Eruyt Village for Piano and String Quintet (from FINAL FANTASY XII)

6. I Was Lost Without You for Piano and String Quintet (from MASS EFFECT 3)

7. And Thus Fate Becomes Cruel for String Orchestra (from HEROES OF MANA)

8. Eternity ~ Memories of Light and Waves for Piano and String Orchestra (from FINAL FANTASY X-2)

9. Honor, Sacrifice, Glory: Variations on Themes from Halo 2 for String Orchestra (from HALO 2)

10. Still Alive for String Orchestra (from MIRROR’S EDGE)

11. Tactical Espionage Suite for String Orchestra (from METAL GEAR SOLID 2: SONS OF LIBERTY)
12. Forest of Awakening (Original Composition)
13. Sulyya Springs for Viola and Piano (FINAL FANTASY XIII)

The release date will be July 28th. I am posting this to generate awareness of this project in the hopes that many of you will enjoy this music I have worked so hard to create. Feel free to check out the samples and complete tracks that I have provided on my SoundCloud page which can be found here:

Enjoy and please offer feedback as I always look to improve :). Keep in mind the recordings aren't final versions so the sound may or may not be different in the final release.

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As of a few days ago I finished all of my end on arranging the music for this. All I am waiting on are for the recordings to be finalized. The album is on schedule :).

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Just a quick update... The album is submitted to Loudr Distribution :). Please keep sharing the playlist above and thanks again for everyone's support!

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