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  1. if you download the soundtrack dont forget to leave me feedback.
  2. you mind me asking what VSTi software you use to get your orchestra samples?
  3. lovin your tunes. checked out the rest of your soundcloud and was amazed. I too redid some FF7 with orchestra gold. I did this like 6 years ago when I was just learning how to mix, master, program dynamics, etc.) and found them in an old back up hard drive and decided to upload them again. You can check out the thread here http://ocremix.org/community/topic/41346-ff7-complete-soundtrack-coveredremastered/#entry789671 I learned alot since then but its been a while since I composed anything new but there is alot of things I would change if I were to do it again. (dynamics, less reverb, better mixing.) but It turned out good for the time.
  4. Ok you guys, Link for the full soundtrack has been updated on my first post. Im going riding for a few hours and look forward to your comments. thanks
  5. due to my slow upload speeds, the file will be ready for a link on mediafire in about an hours time. I will update the first post with it. thanks guys
  6. The .zip is 400mb, any suggestions on what filehosting service to use that convenient for all you guys?
  7. these were done 6 years ago or so. Too late to fix anything now. But I agree, I would use less reverb nowadays since ive learned alot more since then.
  8. I great while ago (like 6 years) when I had free time I sought out to completely redo the original FF7 soundtrack and take it from 16-bit midi into the way it should have sounded with modern instruments, mixing, and mastering to the best of my abilities(I think someone else did something similar a long time ago too, but mines better! lol). Now I have ran into a problem on posting my covers. Some people say it claims to infringe on the copyright but I was under the impression that if you cover a song and supply it for free, it would be legal and within your means to do so. This project took me 2 years and I would just love for everyone to hear it and re-live this awesome soundtrack with modern instruments/technoloy. I re-did like all 80+ tracks to my taste. Im gonna go ahead and just post a few of my favorite tracks in a sound cloud link but I think that might be the wrong thread. My main concern is what is your opinions on me posting a .Zip on an upload site for all the fans to just download and enjoy the entire thing. If you loved the game youll love this. HERE IS THE FULL 80+ track soundtrack!! http://www.mediafire.com/download/tbmbg1biegdf9q2/FF7-OST-Remake.rar Samples https://soundcloud.com/fractalz/1-02-opening-bombing-mission https://soundcloud.com/fractalz/1-10-fighting https://soundcloud.com/fractalz/1-19-infiltrating-shinra-tower https://soundcloud.com/fractalz/2-09-chasing-the-black-caped https://soundcloud.com/fractalz/3-16-interupted-by-fireworks https://soundcloud.com/fractalz/3-22-reunion https://soundcloud.com/fractalz/3-20-buried-in-the-snow https://soundcloud.com/fractalz/4-08-hurry-faster https://soundcloud.com/fractalz/4-12-the-makou-cannon-is-fired-shinra-explodes I uploaded some more but they are being processed at the moment, so later after this post theyll be up...just look on my soundcloud.
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