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Refinery - Music and Sound Design for Apps and Games


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I'm a freelance Sound Engineer, Composer and Sound Designer. I’ve got 9 years experience working on a range of projects including; recording, mixing, film audio, audio / visual art and game audio.

I'm always on the look out for new and exciting projects to engage. As a Composer I cover a range of genres including; 8bit / Cinematic / Orchestral / Electronic / Hip Hop / Pop / Rock. I also have a large sample library available for projects in need of sound or sound design.


Game Music Library

Retro / Arcade / 8 Bit


Live Instruments





Developer: Refinery Productions
Future sci-fi themed tower defence / real-time strategy
Title: Meanwhile in a Parallel Universe
Developer:Zombie Indie House
Side on side Castle Defence / Strategy
Title: Infinite Pixels
Developer: Somniare
Aventure / Retro / Sandbox
Title: Fighter Attitude
Developer: Kaveluza
Arcade / Fighting
Title:Regalia Alpha
Developer:Zombie Indie House
2D Platform / Arcade / Adventure
Title: Tiny Tomb Robbers
Developer: Tiny Touches
Adventure / Puzzle / Retro


Visit the Refinery Audio Production Services Website for the full list of past projects.


2# Place in the Game Yo Yo Big Win Competition with Zombie Indie House

1# Place in the Glitchjam competition for music and sound design

3# Tizen Game Drive Competition with Zombie Indie House

Honourable mention in the Tizen App Challenge with Zombie Indie House

For references and testimonials visit: Linkedin Profile

If you are in need of sound or music for a project your working on then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I always do my best to be flexible with rates for indie projects.

My contact email is: james@refineryproductions.com

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Meteo, that basically came off as "I'm not racist, but..."


That being said, Meteo is spot on, there are plenty of people here who are already looking for projects to join in on. Here on OCR, the field is supersaturated with potential talent and not enough projects to go around.

Of course, I can see why you made this thread, as an advertising billboard for anyone who's looking on OCR for composers. However, in the past, the amount of people seeking out composers on OCR has been fairly slim, so I can't say how useful your post will be in attracting potential employers.


tl;dr you placed the right billboard in the wrong neighborhood.

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