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  1. Good luck on the final stretch guys. Happy to report that my remix will be in and now it's not just mine and Joshua's but Jorito's too!
  2. Hey, I know it's REALLY late, but my Coral Caves (from Sonic Rush Adventure) remix has been in the almost finished zone for months, and it's just mixing related polish left. I'll be able to finish it up and submit, but I'm not extremely proud of it as it's not reflective of my current standards, as it's rather outdated. So here's a call out to anyone who might be willing to collaborate and help improve/redux the track! Right now, it's in an oldschool trance kinda style. If interested, do tell me as soon as possible.
  3. Thanks man. I'm really happy you and everyone likes it! Thanks a lot to the judges for passing this and of course liking it. I'll work on improving myself!
  4. Hey, I just need to redux Coral Caves and I can do that in a few days. The problem is, I can only start after my exams which ends right at the end of this month. So sorry!
  5. Still in and I'm doing Stardust Road. It's almost complete, just polish left.
  6. I'm so late to checking the preview but DAMN dat Green Hill and Hydrocity. My Coral Caves almost sounds weak and dated in comparison. Happy Sonic day guys and can't wait for this project to move faster than the speed of sound. /cheesy
  7. @Darkflamewolf Oh, man I send you an email long ago that I and wch090 are restarting our project since we couldn't go much places with it. Sorry. We'll get back with a WIP as soon as we can.
  8. Yaaaaaay, glad this is happening.
  9. Hey Jorito! Thanks for the offer, but James and I have already begun work on it. Hopefully we work on some other thing some day some time haha. I've sent a WIP render to Darkflamewolf so that's the progress on Military Factory Dungeon from us.
  10. Hey, you've got something nice here. Would've liked more original content but it's alright. I'd suggest lowering the 4.5khz range, it sounds too piercy. Oh, and you could tone down the sidechain on the lead.
  11. Honestly, I think there's too many tracks for Sonic 1 so the cutting down would be a good idea. We could represent other games instead. As such, I also think one track for Sonic Lost World is enough and you could get Marvin to work on it again. I think that would help, especially if you want to make this an official OCRemix album? But glad to see this coming along anyway
  12. This is a track where I'd say the remix deviates not too much in terms of genre but still offers something unique. And this is Ice Cap we're talking about, possible the most remixed VGM track! jmr's Glacier Peak (Ice Mountain - Sonic Advance) is also conservative in terms of genre. Just look around OC and you'll flood yourself with ideas
  13. Hey, you don't have to do a genre switch to make a remix interesting. Genre switches are the best way I'd say, but you can still make it like a redux version by sticking to the genre but adding your own sections, melodies and all those kinda deviations Coming from a guy who has remixed Coral Cave himself too. My remix is in the Sonic 25th anniversary remix album project happening here, and what I did was add my own melodies and my own section and a slight rock-dance hybrid touch to it. Maybe you can think of adding a drum 'n' bass touch? i don't know haha.
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