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Kirby Super Star Ultra - Corkboard Complete

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Sauce: https://youtu.be/KHsZdVEu9N4

First off, I adore this game. Kirby was the first game I ever beat, so when KSSU came out for the DS, ranging from peaceful to absolutely butt-hard, I adored it. This track is sort of like how Menu 2 was to SSB Melee. All I'd really like is a upgrading of the source material. No genre-tinkering, (though I am very partial to electronic-orchestral combinations, like in Tron: Legacy) just a straight up, triumphal, majestic remix of this song... Though come to think of it, a softer version, sort of like SSB4's Classic Mode Clear Screen, could also be nice, perhaps. Just a thought - you'd know better than me. (Though, on the subject of KSSU, I do believe the Masked Dedede Battle to be wholly underrepresented. But I digress.)

Thank you for both your time, and should you choose to accept this mission, your effort.

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