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  1. To clarify, I am not asking for a Pikmin OCR album, nor am I requesting one remix with all of the above-linked source tunes in it. I simply wish to see more Pikmin stuff on the site, and if it incorporates some of my favorite pieces as mentioned in the first post, so be it!
  2. 1 - Main Theme: https://youtu.be/IyWj9lC7-5s 1 - Carry, Fight, Increase and be Eaten: https://youtu.be/haMfg27wZrw 1 - The Forest of Hope: https://youtu.be/jM2X2nT4fYo Both - End of Day: https://youtu.be/vlhUB4F124o Both - Results of the Day: https://youtu.be/MnBhzdj17IM 2 - World Map: https://youtu.be/BGpUlo-ACRE 2 - Piklopedia: https://youtu.be/4ihknTHRZ1k (4 variations on the same theme) 2 - Valley of Repose: https://youtu.be/cUT6OtEiy6Q 2 - Valley of Repose (Louie): https://youtu.be/gwdUTJ_swwk 2 - Valley of Repose (Sunset): https://youtu.be/hxOR4xAkasI 2 - Valley of Repose (Sunset, Louie)
  3. I have loved this site for many years, but today I realized something about it. To paraphrase a great leader, "I find your lack of Pikmin (2)... Disturbing." I never loved much of the first game's music, other than the main theme and the Forest of Hope, but I adore the level themes of the second game. Plus, the instrumentation, tempo, and all sorts of music-theory-y things changed based on the time of the day, if you were fighting, how many Pikmin were left of the squad you'd taken into the cave with you... Its awesome. Personally, I would most like to see mixes of: Main Theme (1 & 2) Awa
  4. First time posting a request in a long while. But of course that didn't show, now did it? ;p
  5. Source Option 1: https://youtu.be/djLGNqZPnPI Source Option 2: https://youtu.be/ZdZ6bwhCmms Source Option 3: https://youtu.be/QFa-4EAye8o I adore the first Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I got it the night we camped out for the Wii, and it was the first game ever to make me cry. ...what? Don't judge me! lol jk I adored this particular piece so much that I never quite enjoyed the next set of games in the series specifically because they kept teasing the first game's theme, but never quite remixing it. This tune actually shows up multiple times over the course of PMD1; Main Menu, Pokemon Square, an
  6. Sauce: https://youtu.be/yw9pu0HXeIs Just go on YouTube and search for remixes of this, and you will likely realize just how much awesomeness the artists of this website could do with this track. Seriously.
  7. Correction: I meant, I'd rather not have the source's genre/style played with, unless it was the Tron Legacy thing I mentioned, or the softer version. Ultimately though, it is your remix - DERP - so I don't mean to sound bossy. Sorry.
  8. Sauce: https://youtu.be/KHsZdVEu9N4 First off, I adore this game. Kirby was the first game I ever beat, so when KSSU came out for the DS, ranging from peaceful to absolutely butt-hard, I adored it. This track is sort of like how Menu 2 was to SSB Melee. All I'd really like is a upgrading of the source material. No genre-tinkering, (though I am very partial to electronic-orchestral combinations, like in Tron: Legacy) just a straight up, triumphal, majestic remix of this song... Though come to think of it, a softer version, sort of like SSB4's Classic Mode Clear Screen, could also be nice, perha
  9. Seriously, where to begin? I mean, for the love of pork, there are so many tracks on here just begging for remixes. I haven't even beaten it yet, and already, these four are easily standing out to me: Porky's Theme New Pork City Smashing Song of Praise Main Theme Also, just about any of the 'emotional-cutscene' tunes (sorry that I can't think of any particular names) would be perfectly ripe for the kind of sweepingly majestic orchestration that sometimes graces this site.
  10. Good Goddess(es). I am not a music theory/composition aficionado, but DAMN. For the Love of Nayru, (see what I did there?) this piece, if it's not already amazing, has outstanding potential. I feel sorry that I can't give more detailed advice, but I think that this track has/could easily outshine the source's implementation of the melody. Please, do not lose sight of this piece.
  11. You're right about that! Personally, I've always wanted something along the lines of the credits music from PMD Red/Blue, but, man - This song is like I've died and gone to VGM heaven!
  12. Well... Crap. Awesome "Location:" bit, though... Hilarious! You ever played the PMD games? They really are good, and honestly: They're the first Nintendo games with GOOD story, or at least engaging plotlines, and ones that you haven't heard 1000 times. (On that topic, GO METROID!) And because it had such a great story, the music means all that much more to me... You might not be a ReMixer, but did you go to the links...?
  13. ***Note: This just do happens to be my first time doing anything on these forums, so apologies if I didn't word things right/totally made a big blunder or whatever.**** The first PMD is a game which I have a lot of emotional attachment to, I have to say. I got it the night the Wii was released, right in time to play it while we nearly froze out butts off camped out in front of Target. Looking back on it, that was the day I REALLY got into games. And, the first time (BTW,...SPOILERS) I beat Rayquaza, stopped the meteor, and saw the ending,...... .....I cried. It sounds embarrassing, consider
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