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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue RT (PMD1) - Staff Credits*

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Source Option 1:


Source Option 2:


Source Option 3:


I adore the first Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I got it the night we camped out for the Wii, and it was the first game ever to make me cry.

...what? Don't judge me! lol jk

I adored this particular piece so much that I never quite enjoyed the next set of games in the series specifically because they kept teasing the first game's theme, but never quite remixing it. This tune actually shows up multiple times over the course of PMD1; Main Menu, Pokemon Square, and Staff Credits. I put the credits up as the source, because it holds the most memories for me.

As for my remix preferences, (And please keep in mind that they are merely that - preferences. After all, you are the remixer.) as I have mentioned in previous posts, anything in the vein of TRON: Legacy is nigh-guaranteed to have my instant love. If you are looking more towards the Pokemon Square version, I know there was a great example in the Clock Town remix from the recent Majora's Mask remix album. (I don't remember if it was like, an official OCRemix album though. Sorry.) And I would LOVE a sort of music box and/or very soft woodwind version if you're thinking more along the lines of the Main Menu version.


Thank you for your time, and should you choose to accept this mission, your effort. Lol :)

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I liked your option# 2 (Pokémon Square) and am in the process of posting my remix of this song tonight. It should be out there soon.

Hope you like it. We'll see what the OCR community thinks. I've posted it as "Work In Progress" under the title of "Celtic Square" hoping for feedback.



dabedaab (Steve Snider)

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