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Awakening Wood - Pikmin 2... plus a lotta other Pikmin schtuff

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I have loved this site for many years, but today I realized something about it. To paraphrase a great leader,

"I find your lack of Pikmin (2)... Disturbing."

I never loved much of the first game's music, other than the main theme and the Forest of Hope, but I adore the level themes of the second game. Plus, the instrumentation, tempo, and all sorts of music-theory-y things changed based on the time of the day, if you were fighting, how many Pikmin were left of the squad you'd taken into the cave with you... Its awesome.

Personally, I would most like to see mixes of:

Main Theme (1 & 2)

Awakening Wood (2)

Wistful Wild (2)

World Map (2)

Piklopedia (2)

End of the Day (1 & 2)

Day's Results (1 & 2)

Forest of Hope (1)

Source dump of the abovementioned and more incoming.

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1 - Main Theme: https://youtu.be/IyWj9lC7-5s

1 - Carry, Fight, Increase and be Eaten: https://youtu.be/haMfg27wZrw

1 - The Forest of Hope: https://youtu.be/jM2X2nT4fYo

Both - End of Day: https://youtu.be/vlhUB4F124o

Both - Results of the Day: https://youtu.be/MnBhzdj17IM

2 - World Map: https://youtu.be/BGpUlo-ACRE

2 - Piklopedia: https://youtu.be/4ihknTHRZ1k

(4 variations on the same theme)

2 - Valley of Repose: https://youtu.be/cUT6OtEiy6Q

2 - Valley of Repose (Louie): https://youtu.be/gwdUTJ_swwk

2 - Valley of Repose (Sunset): https://youtu.be/hxOR4xAkasI

2 - Valley of Repose (Sunset, Louie): https://youtu.be/dmtxA9fVuZA

(4 variations on the same theme)

2 - Awakening Wood: https://youtu.be/RvOQFbK4jzc

2 - Awakening Wood (Louie): https://youtu.be/GaTb-HyG1Ck

2 - Awakening Wood (Sunset): https://youtu.be/EkOjNicj9SI

2 - Awakening Wood (Sunset, Louie): https://youtu.be/BeVON-GQaKk

(4 variations on the same theme)

2 - Perplexing Pool: https://youtu.be/KIbGvr6W3Gk

2 - Perplexing Pool (Louie): https://youtu.be/3HNkKPssSmM

2 - Perplexing Pool (Sunset): https://youtu.be/YbaV8mFD06w

2 - Perplexing Pool (Sunset, Louie): https://youtu.be/qi7j5UT4kz0

(4 variations on the same theme)

2 - Wistful Wild: https://youtu.be/vW-MEqhiGzc

2 - Wistful Wild (The President): https://youtu.be/1W-JdlUB7L4

2 - Wistful Wild (Sunset): https://youtu.be/DHlGY1EMXNk

2 - Wistful Wild (Sunset, The President): https://youtu.be/zHKEDit6y7o

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To clarify, I am not asking for a Pikmin OCR album, nor am I requesting one remix with all of the above-linked source tunes in it. I simply wish to see more Pikmin stuff on the site, and if it incorporates some of my favorite pieces as mentioned in the first post, so be it!

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