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"A Champion's Home Sweet Home" (Celestic Town from Pokémon D/P/Pt)

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Hello, OCRemix Community!

I have recently made a remix of Celestic Town from Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum as tribute to their amazing music!


Original Celestic Town / Eterna City song (Youtube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jb5gWqUBtvk


"A Champion's Home Sweet Home" Celestic Town Remix (Tindeck): http://tindeck.com/listen/qdehn


Thanks for listening!

Feedback would be appreciated as well! :)

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Audacity is free and runs on mac



And you'll need to grab the lame encoders to convert to MP3. There's a mac version here:



After that you can convert to MP3 to your heart's content. Just import the audio, and then export it and choose MP3.



EDIT: Beaten to the punch.

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I think it actually sounds louder now, too.


So, actual non-encoding critique:

- It's actually too loud. I'm surprised it's not clipping (until about 1/4th of the way through, where there's some static on the edges of the stereo field). Try turning down the volume of every instrument by about 4 dB, and using a limiter if you aren't using one right now.

- Pay attention to the instruments you have going on at the same time. The most prominent issue I keep hearing whenever I mix someone else's music for them is that they try to layer too many instruments at once, whether in the densest parts of the track or everywhere in the track. Isolate groups of instruments and make notes of which instruments are playing when. You have too many bass instruments playing at once. If you disable an instrument and hear no difference, that instrument might as well not be there; know what I mean?

- The sequencing of every instrument is mechanical, but it's not an easy fix; if you have some sort of MIDI keyboard, I think you could learn how to play simple piano and from that, figure out how to put emphases on certain notes where it makes sense, and it'll make for more realistic partwriting.

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