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GuitarBoy: bitcrush with overdrive guitar pedal


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Hi Everyone -


I'd like to introduce the GuitarBoy bitcrush pedal. I created it after it became apparent to me that video game and chiptune musicians could really use an intuitive and stylish guitar effects pedal for emulating Game Boy tones.


The GuitarBoy features bit depth and sample rate reduction, and also sample rate modulation, a feature which is unique to the GuitarBoy. SR Mod enables your guitar (or other electric instrument of choice) to sound like it's coming straight out of a Game Boy. Since there aren't any pedals that do this currently on the market, the GuitarBoy offers the chance to obtain unique Chiptune tones. Demos are on my website: trevwignalldesign.com


I'm a violinist and I'm passionate about sound design too. If anyone has any comments, feedback, or interest, I'd love to hear from you!



Trev Wignall

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Cool design. But my problem with bitcrushers in general is the weird off-key overtones that come with them. I know it's in the general nature of ring modulation, but I'd love it if someone could come up with a way of getting those sounds without the awkward overtones and just the fundamental, or at least keep the fundamental at a significantly higher volume. As far as they go in general, though, yours sounds good.

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