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Undertale - Your Best Friend


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I'm working on a remix of Undertale.


WIP 2: https://soundcloud.com/wch090-james/floweyhop2-1/s-htdkq


WIP 1: https://soundcloud.com/wch090-james/floweyhop/s-8P9pt


I'm using "Your Best Friend" as the main source this time. Since this melody also appears in various other tracks in the OST, I'll try to incorporate elements from those tracks as well.


Any feedback or criticism are greatly appreciated



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I'm really liking how this is shaping up. The mix is well balanced and has a great beat to it. I have no issues with how it sounds.


My only real issue is that it feels quite short, I think a lot of the ideas in the first minute could be expanded on into a slightly longer remix. Especially as the ending feels way too soon.


I look forward to hearing your progress on this one.

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