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Zelda II - Dark Link Battle (in Ocarina of Time engine)


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Hey everyone!


This is something a little different. Over the last year, I've been working on a program called SEQ64, which edits, imports, and exports music from first-party N64 games. Armed with this tool, I've been making some music for Project Beta Triforce, an Ocarina of Time mod. This music has to fit the limitations of OoT's music engine, since after being produced in a DAW, it has to be imported into the game's internal MIDI-like format (and in most cases, instrument banks have to be edited to match the instruments used in the song).


The director of PBT asked for an arrangement of some themes from Zelda II to fit the battle with Dark Link which will be a centerpiece of the mod. So I arranged the battle theme and the palace theme. After much tweaking of the arrangement to sound as good as possible when imported and playing in game, here's the results:


In-game version

Studio version (playing with patches ripped from OoT)

(See descriptions for Soundcloud links and downloads)


Unless the judges suggest otherwise, I'm not planning to submit this to OCR. After all, I'm trying to hit the quality standards of 1998, not of 2015! On the other hand, we have ReMixes made solely on retro hardware (sloopygoop's "I Don't Know Who I Am Anymore" comes to mind), so I'm not sure if this would be a similar case.

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