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  1. Hey everyone! This is something a little different. Over the last year, I've been working on a program called SEQ64, which edits, imports, and exports music from first-party N64 games. Armed with this tool, I've been making some music for Project Beta Triforce, an Ocarina of Time mod. This music has to fit the limitations of OoT's music engine, since after being produced in a DAW, it has to be imported into the game's internal MIDI-like format (and in most cases, instrument banks have to be edited to match the instruments used in the song). The director of PBT asked for an arrangement of s
  2. Regarding the question of OC ReMix standards: If those are the only two factors you can think of offhand that separate OCR from film music, that's plenty high-quality for me! Correct me if I'm wrong, but those seem to be relatively minor factors that someone would be able to pick up quickly if they had experience and skill with everything else. Well said. I think I'm almost at the latter level, of course nowhere near the former--but I want to be as good as I can be. The only way I can see myself "pushing myself too hard" would be giving up because my (or OCR's) standards were too high and I
  3. Thanks everyone for your extensive replies! I will try to address each of the points, but I might miss something. Since some of the points were restated in different ways, instead of quoting a particular person I will just summarize. Yeah, I noticed! Not gonna give up though. In a general way, this isn't too much of a problem for me; I was classically trained on oboe, and I've been in a variety of bands and orchestras over the years. I've also written a few string quartets, two of which were performed by live musicians at my previous college. However, it wouldn't hurt to spend some more tim
  4. Hey everyone. In all the remixes I've worked on in the past couple years, one recurring comment I've received is that the instrument sounds don't sound realistic. (For instance my current remix I'm working on, http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=49125 , where the cello is the issue.) I can sort of see what they're talking about, in so far as I wouldn't think "oh, that cello sounds like a live performer!", but I also can't put my finger on anything in particular that sounds wrong with it. My first question is this. OC ReMix has a policy (at least people on the forums will cite this) that
  5. Thanks, I'll play with it a little. I don't plan to change it too much, as that's a sort of "breath" point halfway through. It also marks the return to the first source tune, which now has additional development in the form of the Zelda themes on top. Also, bumping due to Mod Review not having happened yet.
  6. You can PM a mod and ask for a mod review.

  7. It's been a week with no new comments, and I'm pretty satisfied, so bumping and changing to Mod Review.
  8. This is great news! OC ReMix has such a variety of sounds, I sometimes just want to listen to a bunch of songs all in a style I know, and it's great that you've been able to distill these into three comprehensive genres. I'm interested to know more about what's going on behind the scenes. Will you ever be releasing your analysis code? Does this integrate with the ID3 genre tags on the mp3s themselves? I want my collection on my computer to reflect these tags, of course.
  9. Updated version: https://soundcloud.com/sauraen/at-the-bottom-of-twilight-6 Took care of the Rhodes frequency buildup, the bass clashing, and came up with an arrangement for that section 1:37 to 2:02 that I'm satisfied with. I think I'm getting better at this; the last few things you've mentioned, I feel like I sort of half noticed them beforehand, or noticed but didn't really know what the problem was or what to do. Thanks! I'm pretty confident with how it sounds now; setting it to Finished. Anything else sticking out? Any new voices want to chime in? (Your help has been greatly appreciated,
  10. I needed it to start with an uppercase letter, and there could not be any spaces. The only valid one on that list then is OCR, which stands for Optical Character Recognition among other things, and someone might not know what OCRUpdater was. I did try to consistently use "OC ReMix" in the documentation and Javadoc. Also, the repository name is just about the only thing I can't modify here!
  11. Okay! Here you go: https://github.com/sauraen/OCRemixUpdater I'd be happy to modify this program, or write a new one, to use a real API. Parsing HTML using string matching in Java is not exactly leet. (I wrote this three years ago, give me a break.) The upside of this is, if you ever want everyone around the world to stop using OCRemixUpdater, you just have to add a couple HTML comments <!-- --> in some key lines in the source of the "list remixes by date descending" page, and everyone's copies will stop working! If there are any bugs or problems with the program, please let me know an
  12. New version: https://soundcloud.com/sauraen/at-the-bottom-of-twilight-draft-5 Good catch, thanks! It was what I was intending at the time (not an error), but after you pointed it out I played with it and eventually settled on something a little less dissonant. I'm not entirely satisfied with it, but I can see why the way it was might be problematic. Fixed, thanks! I had just copied one line and pasted it an octave up with a delay... I changed it to match the timings I would play if I was actually playing it in octaves on a piano. I see what you mean. I changed it more significantly in one
  13. EDIT: Link: https://github.com/sauraen/OCRemixUpdater Hey everyone. A couple years ago I wrote a program (in Java, ugh) that would keep my numbered OC ReMix collection up to date. I just dug this program out again because I wanted to download the latest Jillian Aversa song, and I figured I'd download all of them since OCR3000 while I was at it. The program maintains a very simple database of numbered ReMixes the user has in a folder on their computer. It automatically reads the remix listings at http://ocremix.org/remixes/?&offset=0&sort=datedesc , and will download songs the user does
  14. Updated version: https://soundcloud.com/sauraen/at-the-bottom-of-twilight-remix-draft-4 Thanks Emunator and Elder Kirby for the criticism and suggestions! I was also fortunate enough to receive some feedback and encouragement from Josh Whelchel, which was very nice! Do you think I addressed your suggestions adequately? The changes I made to the percussion were not drastic, but each of the sections now has a unique rhythm behind it, and the first couple have more dynamic variety as well. I am pretty happy with the sound design at the beginning, but not so much with the end. There's too many bir
  15. Thanks for your comments! Everything you mentioned should be helpful. Boy, those drum parts... The judges really nailed me on my last submission (Xenogears "Final Convergence") for the drum parts being too repetitive. On this piece here, what you're hearing is the drum parts AFTER I added variety to them--you should have heard it before! I suppose I just have to retrain my ears on that. I guess I tend to treat drums as an ostinato that holds together the various sections; but I just went back and listened to a few of my favorite OC ReMixes, specifically listening for changes in the drum parts,
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