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Super C - Stage 1 (NES)


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It sounds very midi, the percussion being the biggest example. Especially at 0:35 - it's just the same hi-hat sound playing over and over again with computer efficiency. I also don't like the sound of your drums in general - they lack a punch.

Right now, producerschoice is selling several of their most popular drum packs for $1, maybe you'll have a use for it?

You can also get some Yamaha drums for a decent price.

I am not a fan of the high Cutoff frequency/resonance your bass seems to have. Aside from personally disliking the sound, it makes the bass just sound messy, when the bass is one of the best things about the original.

If you want to have a guitar in your music, I highly suggest you collaborate with a guitar player, to get the best quality possible, especially if it's carrying the melody.

There is one sound I like though, I like how metallic your stabs sound, at 0:24 and elsewhere.

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