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Mega Man X4 - Storm Owl (Trance)

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It sounds like in this track, you were using as many trance ideas as you could come up with in one track. It didn't flow very well, like I was listening to a medley of the same track with no smooth transition. However, I did love the transition you did at the 4:00 to 4:05 mark, that was fun. At the 2:34 to 3:00 mark, I get what you were trying to do with the main melody. But even with the main melody faded in all the way (so to speak), it still sounded like the rhythm synths were trying to overpower the melody. The rock guitar at the end doesn't compliment what you had produced in the rest of the track, especially if you were going for that "glitch" sound. I liked the violin way more than the guitar, but you can barely hear it, so that was a little disappointing for me. As it is right now, it's okay. The structure of the track could be better IMO, but your production skills are pretty good for the most part (at least in this track). So it's not like this track won't get better if you work on it some more.

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