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  1. Final Fantasy X HD....the dark aeons. I grinded and grinded and grinded and grinded as much as I could. And then I met Dark Yojimbo. A tough battle indeed. But to win that tough battle five times in a row without saving in between? I couldn't. I don't have the time or patience to grind and grind so much that everyone has max stats. I just don't. So I decided to quit on the dark aeons, and instead focus on beating Nemesis. I wanted to at least feel like all that grinding I did was worth SOMETHING.
  2. YEP. Ken's original theme is so good, it needs to be heard in all its arrangements.
  3. Do the Final Fantasy remixes have to come from Overclocked, or can they come from other sources as well (arrangement albums, live performances, etc...I think the answer might be obvious, but I wanted to double check. Cause holy crap will this be a tough one to submit for if any remix/arrangement is eligable)? Also, yay more Spencer Nilsen!
  4. Ugh, I wish I had reviewed this sooner. I listened to this awhile back, but didn't have the time to actually type up the full review. Until now. In short, I loved it. Love Chrono Trigger, love jazz, so this is one example of a perfect album for me ---- Yasunori Mitsuda did things in the games he composed for that not a lotof composers could do. He was certainly ahead of his time when he composedfor his first game, Chrono Trigger. So how do you rearrange the music of ChronoTrigger in a way that exemplifies, and honors the unique composing style thatYasunori Mitsuda brought to the game? Make a full-on jazz album.Wiesty notes in the comments that this seemed like an impossible task. But inall honestly, the jazz genre perfectly blends with the audio asthetics of ChronoTrigger. So the only impossible tasks were time (no pun intended), and motivation.And all the artists apart of this managed to bring jazz to the forefront of oneof the greatest soundtracks of all time.1. Wiesty, The OC Jazz Collective - "Way Before the Day Before Yesterday"Era: Prehistoric (65,000,000 B.C.)Sources: "Burn! Bobonga! Burn!"; "Lavos's Theme," "Rhythm of Earth, Wind, and Sky" (cameo)An excellent opener for Chronology. It sounds like an excellent warm-up session,quickly transitioning into the opening number of a fine jazz concert. Right away,you know what to expect. The Lavos touch was quite remarkable. As a jazz piece,it adds more of an introductory "OMPH" than any other piece composed for theprehistoric era.2. Triplepoint Trio (Doug Perry, Sam Suggs, Jonny Allen) - "Triggernometry"Source: "Chrono Trigger"I don't know if this was intentional or not, but the transition between track1 and track 2 is one of, if not, the best I have ever heard on an OCR album. Itis so seamless, almost as if both tracks were one in the same. As for the trackitself, it is a great interpretation of the main Chrono Trigger theme. It's justas exciting as the original source material. The vibraphone, and violin work hereis especially phoenomenal.3. Nostalvania, The OC Jazz Collective - "Time's Seal"Era: Dark Ages (12,000 B.C.)Source: "Sealed Door"What makes this track interesting is how they turned a slow, haunting track intosomething very reminiscant of a night stroll through New Orelans. It makes openingthat sealed door a lot more exciting and interesting than kind of depressed andlonely.4. Wiesty, The OC Jazz Collective - "Neuga, Ziena, Zieber, Zom..."Era: Middle Ages (600 A.D.)Source: "Magus Confronted"In comparison to the last piece, this one feels like a night club lounge jazztrack. Pretty appropriate considering the source material, the battle theme ofsomeone who at first is viewed as a dark, foreboding individual. The flute isa nice touch. A fine way to honor the original, while turning a dramatic battletheme into something more subdued, and chilling (the relaxing kind, not the creepykind).5. Wiesty, The OC Jazz Collective - "Dream of Green"Era: Present (1000 A.D.)Sources: "Secret of the Forest"; "Chrono Trigger" (cameo)Both this arrangement, and the original source material give off a sense ofmystery and intrigue. Right off the bat, this arrangement does the forest portionsof the game justice. It doesn't sound like just an arrangement, it sounds likesomething that would fit right in with the actual game. 6. Nostalvania, The OC Jazz Collective - "Fight or Flight"Era: Apocalypse (1999 A.D.)Source: "The Epoch - Wings of Time"The Epoch theme was already jazz inspired to begin with, so I can imagine thisbeing a difficult piece to arrange for a jazz album. The time signature changesreally helped make this arrangement stand out from the original source material ina way that honors the game, and Yasunori Mitsuda's work.7. Wiesty, The OC Jazz Collective - "When Hell Freezes Over"Era: Future (2300 A.D.)Sources: "A Desolate World," "Yearnings of the Wind"Very mysterious, and very intriguing. The original source material was moreominous, and reflective of a defeated mood. This sounds like something you'dhear in a noir film when the main protagonist is at a loss on what to do next.It kind of makes me think of what Casablanca would sound like if it weremade in this day and age (HOLLYWOOD DO NOT REMAKE CASABLANCA). 8. Fratto, Wiesty, The OC Jazz Collective - "Driftwood"Era: End of Time (∞)Source: "At the End of Time"And here we reach the end. The end of time that is. At first, you think this piecewill serve as something of a "wind down" sort of track. But no, it wants to go outwith the excitement and flair that helps define this album.From beginning to end, this album is nothing but pure fun. Other albums serve towow and excite you with how classics can be arranged into different genres, and howmany different feelings you can get throughout the album. That is why I appreciatethe pure fun that this album brings. I am still in awe over how tracks one and twosound back to back. But each track can still be listened to on its own, and appreciatedat the same time. If you don't like jazz, this album may not be for you, as thisis 100% jazz all around.
  5. I'm excited because lately, it seems like most of my gaming time is spent on portable systems, largely because of my job. It takes me an hour and a half to get to work and back. If I didn't have my Vita (3DS once I get Pokemon Sun) with me for that kind of commute, I would have gone insane a long time ago But anyway, depending on the game library, the Switch seems like a logical choice for the next system for me to buy, only because I would have more time to play something like the Switch than any other console I would want, or currently own.
  6. Niiiice. Super Mario 64 was always my favorite Koji Kondo soundtrack, personally.
  7. Hello all. I wasn't sure whether to post this in the community forum, or this one. I'm going to try this one, because what I'm going to ask is for research purposes. But if this is in the wrong place, or if I'm breaking any rules, please let me know and I'll rectify whatever problems arise. I'm currently planning an episode of my podcast *points to the signature* devoted to the music of the main Final Fantasy games (1 through 14, none of the spin-offs). For this episode, I wanted to ask people what their favorite music piece is from each of the main Final Fantasy games, and why they like it. So I'm not really looking for "list your favorite FF tracks!" I'm looking specifically for how, and why your favorite track from each game resonated with you the most. Do you like how a particular piece was used in the game? Did a particular piece make you feel something you've never felt before? Are you in awe of how a particular piece was composed? Did any particular piece inspire your life and/or career in some way? Stuff like that. Any help on this topic would be most appreciated. If you can't think of a piece from each of the 14 FF games, that's fine. But I would like at least one response from each FF game if at all possible. Thank you so much!
  8. Awww hehehe, well I meant when I said it was still a decent addition to the album. I did read what you had to say in the directors notes, so I understand where you're coming from.
  9. While I never got the chance to play Morrowind, I absolutely agree with you on Skyrim being the better game, but Oblivion having the better soundtrack. As for the sci-fi playlist...that's gonna be a tough one to narrow down. Are these supposed to be tracks from sci-fi themed games, or tracks that sound sci-fi?
  10. So once again I'm the only one that has anything to say about the Apex albums? That's too much pressure, guys. The Apex albums are good! They need more comments than just my own! *Ahem* 1. Garrett Williamson, Yungtown - Main Theme of Apex 2016 - Super Smash Bros. "APEX" Source: "Character Select" Original Composer: Hirokazu Ando This track raises the bar for how competition events, let alone albums inspired by competition events should start. The introduction was flawless, and the rest of the track puts you in the mood where you oughta be for competition events. 2. Neblix - Street Fighter V "The Path of Heaven" Sources: Street Fighter II - "Ryu (Japan)," Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - "Ryu Stage ~ Kobu" Original Composers: Yoko Shimomura, Hideki Okugawa Very fun homage to the Street Fighter series. Reading the director’s notes, everything that Neblix mentioned, I felt and agree with 100%. 3. WillRock - Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 "Have a Nice Death" Source: "Ghost Rider" Original Composer: Hideyuki Fukasawa Damn, for only being produced in two days, this is pretty impressive. 4. timaeus222 - Pokkén Tournament "Iron-Headed Pursuit" Source: "Ferrum Stadium" Original Composer: Shota Kageyama Doesn’t seem as ambitious as what I’m used to from timaeus222, but it’s still a decent track. 5. Chernabogue, Tuberz McGee, Furilas - Super Smash Bros. Brawl "You Only Live to Smash" Source: "Super Smash Bros. Brawl Main Theme" Original Composer: Nobuo Uematsu The quality of this track seems a little muffled compared to the previous tracks. The rock organ work here is excellent though, regardless of the quality. 6. Sir_NutS - Killer Instinct "Werewolf Transformation" Source: Killer Instinct (SNES) - "Tooth & Claw (Sabrewulf)" Original Composer: Robin Beanland Not really a fan of the vocal inserts. Aside from that, the EDM attempt at Saberwulf’s theme was pretty good. It manages to be EDM, while retaining what made the original Saberwulf theme so good. 7. DJ RoboRob - Mortal Kombat "Technical Disorder" Source: Mortal Kombat (Sega CD) - "Techno Syndrome" Original Composer: Oliver Adams It’s the second coming of Techno Syndrome! As a 90s child, I totally approve of this. 8. ladyWildfire - Super Smash Bros. Melee "SMASHDANCE" Source: "Menu 1" Original Composer: Hirokazu Ando This is pretty good “waiting lobby” music, if that waiting lobby allowed participants to dance and rave instead of just sitting there like lumps waiting for their turn. 9. DjjD - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U "Incognito" Source: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - "Menu" Original Composer: Junichi Nakatsuru And this is the waiting lobby music without the glitz and glamor from the previous track. But I still love it, as after all the excitement from the rest of the album, it needed to end on a nice “chill out” track. --- ....aw, it's over already? That's the one disadvantage I can give to these albums, they're just way too short. I like them, but there's just not enough to enjoy. Ah well, great work once again.
  11. Now this is an interesting idea for an album. An album based on energy levels, as stated in the directors notes, with the energy levels progressing from something with energy to the arrangements to serene lullaby arrangements that will put anyone in a relaxed state of mind. It’s not often we get arrangement albums that want to create soothing moods, so I really enjoyed evaluating this album for review. And as always, here are my takes on each individual track. And sorry if each track review seems short or abrupt in places. I was moving when I first listened to this, and I didn’t want to sit on this review forever. 1-01. "When Toys Come Alive" (The Secret of Monkey Island) Arranger: fredrikd Composers: Andy Newell, Barney Jones, Michael Land, Patric Mundy Source: "Guybrush and Elaine" It almost sounds like something out of a Danny Elfman soundtrack. Parts of the track sounded a little too hot to me though. Still, pretty whimsical. 1-02. "Mon Ami!" (.hack//Infection - Part 1) Arranger: BONKERS Composer: Seizo Nakata Source: "puti_farm (Grunty Farm)" I feel like when I hear this track, we’re building up to something extraordinary. It sounds like a great overture to something much bigger. Maybe this should have been the first track? 1-03. "The Slumber of the Beast" (Super Mario 64) Arranger: DaMonz Composer: Koji Kondo Source: "Piranha Plant's Lullaby" I love the Piranha Plant lullaby. Then again, I love the Super Mario 64 soundtrack. This arrangement sounds like it could be used as a world map music track for a Mario game. 1-04. "Baby Blue Sky" (Yoshi Touch & Go) Arranger/Performer: Chimpazilla Arranger: halc Composers: Asuka Hayazaki, Toru Minegishi Source: "Sky Area" Reminds me of something you’d hear out of Hiroki Kikuta’s library. Love the bass. 1-05. "Baby Dreams of Lost Civilizations" (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door) Arranger: Hylian Lemon Composers: Yoshito Hirano, Yuka Tsujiyoko Source: "Story of the Thousand-Year Door" Once again Hylian Lemon proves to be an expert at bringing chiptune, and “modern era” music together brilliantly. 1-06. "Psalm of the Summer Sky" (Secret of Mana) Arranger: Meteo Xavier Composer: Hiroki Kikuta Source: "Color of the Summer Sky" At first, I felt like this was an odd choice of music style for a soothing music album. But then I have to remind myself that this is the “playtime” album. So I shouldn’t expect the mood to be completely soothing in this part of the album. Even so, wonderful arrangement. 1-07. "Luxendarc Lullaby" (Bravely Default) Arranger: HeavenWraith Composer: Yasuo Kamanaka Sources: "Wicked Flight," "Serpent Devouring the Horizon," "Ballad Moving Towards Hope" A very beautiful take on Revo music. 1-08. "Dream Fast, Little Pilot" (Gradius, Nemesis 2 & Vulcan Venture) Arranger: rebrained Composers: Gradius - Miki Higashino, Nemesis 2 - Motoaki Furukawa, Masahiro Ikariko, Vulcan Venture - Yoshiyuki Hagiwara Sources: Gradius - "Coin (Coin Sound)," "Challenger 1985 (Stage 1 BGM)," Nemesis 2 - "Frontier Disputes (Life Planet Theme)," Gradius - "Free Flyer (Stage 4 BGM)," Vulcan Venture - "Burning Heat (Stage 1 BGM)" I feel like I’m in a ship, sailing….somewhere. An aimless journey almost. The melody is interesting. However, it’s kind of difficult for me to feel anything from this track other than “going somewhere.” 1-09. "Soothing Rain" (Animal Crossing) Arranger: Amphibious Composers: Kenta Nagata, Shinobu Tanaka Source: "Rainy Day" Very respectful to the Animal Crossing source material. 1-10. "Soporific Sonata" (Super Mario Bros. 2 & Super Mario Bros. 3) Arranger: DarkSim Composer: Koji Kondo Sources: Super Mario Bros. 2 - "Ending," Super Mario Bros. 3 - "Ending" Another fairly upbeat track more fitting for a “playtime” mood than a soothing mood. But what doesn’t make this a completely playful track is how it feels like you’re in that playful mood right before the end of the day. 1-11. "Another Sky" (Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure) Arranger: Rexy Composer: Hans Zimmer Source: "Skylanders Main Theme (Instrumental)" And here is the “wind down” portion of playtime. I love that this is an arrangement of Hans Zimmer, cause it sounds nothing like Hans Zimmer. It’s so innocent, and pure. Very lovely. ---- 2-01. "Iso ilo" (ilomilo) Arranger: Eino Keskitalo Vocalist: Birgitta Susi Composer: Daniel Olsén Sources: "Cozy Sofa," "Once Upon" I love the production put into this track. The vocals are very pleasant. 2-02. "Lullaby for an Old Soul" (Final Fantasy VI) Arranger: Abadoss Composer: Nobuo Uematsu Source: "Gau" Very peaceful, and relaxing. Can definitely be used as a lullaby, or a nice stroll. 2-03. "Adagio for Synths" (Final Fantasy IV) Arranger: bLiNd Composer: Nobuo Uematsu Source: "Edward's Harp" Delivers exactly what the title says it is. And that’s not a bad thing at all. 2-04. "Respite" (Kingdom Hearts) Arranger: Emunator Composer: Yoko Shimomura Source: "Dearly Beloved" Not really feeling this one. It’s kind of difficult to pull off a soothing piano arrangement of a track that’s already a soothing piano piece. It just comes across as a kind of “bootleg” attempt at Dearly Beloved. 2-05. "Thy Everlasting Winter Wind Blows" (Pokémon X) Arranger: timaeus222 Composer: Shota Kageyama Sources: "Snowbelle City," "Bicycle" Love the bells, and the synth strings. It feels like you’ve taken Snowbelle City, and made it sound like a town theme for an ancient snowy village. 2-06. "Cherish" (Final Fantasy VI) Arranger: Redg Composer: Nobuo Uematsu Source: "Relm" I know it’s Final Fantasy VI, but this reminds me of the slower music from the Super Castlevania IV soundtrack. And I absolutely love both soundtracks, so that’s perfectly fine by me. 2-07. "Pure Heart" (Secret of Mana) Arranger: Fredrik Häthén Composer: Hiroki Kikuta Source: "Still of the Night" Nice, and almost mysterious. You’re so drawn into this track, it’s almost disappointing that there isn’t more to this track. 2-08. "Merry Dreams" (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga) Arranger: Chernabogue Composer: Yoko Shimomura Source: "Teehee Valley" Nice. Does a good job capturing the essence of a Mario & Luigi game. 2-09. "Baby Mario Sweepy" (Super Mario Galaxy) Arranger: k-wix Composer: Mahito Yokota Source: "The Star Festival" I love this. It sounds like both Super Mario Galaxy and Yoshi’s Island together at the same time. 2-10. "Rabbit" (To the Moon) Arranger/Performer: Brandon Strader Composer: Kan Gao Sources: "To the Moon - Main Theme," "For River - Piano (Johnny's Version)," "Trailer Theme - Part 2" (lyrics only) Now this sounds like what Dream Fast, Little Pilot should have pulled off. Music that makes you visualize a dreamlike journey filled with wonder, and whimsy. --- 3-01. "Namors Gnudlib Theme (djp Naptime Edit)" [The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time] Arranger/Performer: Sir Jordanius Composer: Koji Kondo Source: "Prelude of Light" Nice, pleasant slow jazz vibe. 3-02. "Dream" (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) Arranger/Performer: DusK Performer: Tuberz McGee Composer: Koji Kondo Source: "Zelda's Theme" Great way to incorporate lullaby-esq lyrics to the Zelda theme melody. 3-03. "Off into the Night" (Chrono Trigger) Arranger: pu_freak Composer: Yasunori Mitsuda Sources: "At the Bottom of the Night," "Epilogue - To My Dear Friends" Reminds me of music from Joe Hisaishi. Wonderful arrangement of excellent Chrono Trigger tracks. 3-04. "Another Dream Will Start from Here" (The Legend of Zelda) Arranger/Performer: zykO Composer: Koji Kondo Source: "Ending" Very quirky, and light hearted. A little too long for my tastes, though. Love the guitar work. 3-05. "Dreamtime" (Chrono Trigger) Arranger: E-Bison Composer: Yasunori Mitsuda Source: "Outskirts of Time" VERY dreamlike. Could almost fall asleep to this (in a good way). 3-06. "Dawn of a New Dream" (The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask) Arranger: Radiowar Composer: Koji Kondo Source: "Tatl & Tael" Not a good idea to put this track after the previous. Yes, it’s very dreamlike, but not as dreamlike as the previous track. 3-07. "Goodnight Moon" (DuckTales) Arranger: E-Bison Composer: Hiroshige Tonomura Source: "The Moon" Most appropriate arrangement to follow the lullaby theme. 3-08. "Sleep Tight, No Bed Bugs" (Super Mario Bros. 2) Arranger: norg Composer: Koji Kondo Source: "Ending" I’m loving the piano in this track. 3-09. "Child of Legend" (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) Arranger: LindsayAnne Pepper Composer: Koji Kondo Source: "Zelda's Theme" Not quite as impressive as “Dream” but still a great lullaby arrangement of the Zelda theme. Nice way to end the album. --- 4-01. "Zone of the Esthers" (Zone of the Enders) Arranger/Performer: The Legendary Zoltan Composer: Masumi Ito Source: "Kiss Me Sunlights - Opening Theme" K.K. Slider sings you to sleep? Oh wait. It’s the mice from Babe. Still love it. Makes you feel like you’re dreaming in a wonderland. 4-02. "Namors Gnudlib Theme (djp Naptime Edit - Instrumental)" (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) Arranger: Sir Jordanius Composer: Koji Kondo Source: "Prelude of Light" It’s…the same track. Only instrumental. Still love it. --- All in all, one of the most creative OCR albums I've ever heard from this website. Excellent work the whole lot of you.
  12. It's so nice to see the Oblivion soundtrack acknowledged every once in awhile in the face of Skyrim's popularity.
  13. Cool. I figured it was Blizzard Entertainment, but I wanted to be sure
  14. Yeeeeeah Shell Shocked. Anything that promotes Turtles in Time/Hyperstone Heist is an automatic A+ Quick question. When you say blizzard music, you mean music from Blizzard Entertainment games, or music for stages with blizzard-like conditions?
  15. Final Fantasy V had an amazing, yet underrated soundtrack. Normally, a Final Fantasy OCR album would consist of arrangements of the entire soundtrack. DarkeSword does things differently with Final Fantasy V. Instead of arranging the ENTIRE soundtrack, the album is split into five smaller parts, with each part representing a specific element and specific characters. Part 1, Fire, was released in 2010. Part 2 came out last month. Very long wait to hear these nine tracks. And the result of that wait is one of the most creative arrangement albums on OCR. Track 1: La Princesa de Taikun –Theme of Leena- By Sixto Sounds Source Track: Leena’s Theme It’s difficult to put into words how great this track is. What it boils down to is that it’s Final Fantasy V music remastered for a modern audience with mariachi and chiptune influences abound. Some of the chiptune pitch bends were a little off-putting for me, but that doesn’t ruin the experience of listening to the track for me. It’s one of the most unique music style combinations I’ve come across recently, and that alone makes this track worth a listen. Track 2: Micker Cripper Mime –Theme of Mime- By Mazedude Source Track: Moogles’ Theme This track is a weird one for me. I did not like the distorted guitar. Sounded way too MIDI for my tastes. Everything else was very unusual (but still tolerable) for my tastes, but perhaps that was the intent? DrakeSword stated in the directors notes how for a theme to represent someone that is known for copying others it sounds very unique. Yeah I can totally see that. It does a good job representing what the Mime is as him/herself, and not as someone else. It tells a good story, but it’s not something I’d want to listen to on its own. Track 3: The Observer –Theme of Time Mage- By halc Source Track: Cursed Lands I could not think of a better genre to suit a time mage more than dubstep. halc brilliantly uses dubstep to represent the time altering abilities of a time mage without going overboard or taking any clichéd production routes (like intentionally changing the tempo of the track just for the hell of it) to represent someone with the ability to control time. On its own, from a production standpoint, this is oddly one of the more chilling dubstep tracks I’ve heard on Overclocked. And I don’t know if halc intended for this to happen, but the endings somewhat abruptness perfectly captures the other ability of a time mage, the ability to stop time. Brilliant way to incorporate a character. Track 4: A Silver Light Shines –Theme of Mystic Knight- By DarkeSword Source: Dungeon This is a nice blend of a traverse through a mysterious dungeon, and the brave warrior who traverses that same dungeon. The dungeon theme was one of my favorites from the original soundtrack. What is achieved with this arrangement is that it doesn’t deviate from the mood of the original, while simultaneously adding a sort of excitement to the original. It’s almost comparable to Yasunori Mitsuda’s style of composing dungeon tracks. Track 5: Remembrance –Theme of Cid- By prophetic music Source: Sorrows of Parting The evolution of this track (IE the slow percussion to the fast paced percussion and beats) does a good job exemplifying the start of an invention from Cid, to the finished product, while the rest of the music does a good job emphasizing the curiosity Cid may have of how this invention he is making. Or it could represent him studying a subject, and by the end of the track, he has come to master the subject. Final Fantasy V’s Cid. Then we get to the latter half of the track, where everything slows down. Perhaps to signify the transition to another invention or subject? It’s a very complex, and almost thought provoking arrangement. Track 6: BZKR –Theme of Berserker- By Sixto Sounds feat. Jeff Ball Source: Battle 1 In an album where genres and music styles are meshed into very different and unique combinations, it seemed very contrasting to include a hard rock arrangement of a Final Fantasy battle theme, something I’ve heard many times before. Thankfully, a violin is incorporated into this track to keep it from being a pure hard rock arrangement. I do wish that the violin could have been balanced just slightly so that it wouldn’t sound like the guitars are trying to drown it out. It’s not a terrible track, I just wish there was a better emphasis on the violin parts. Track 7: Eternal –Theme of Red Mage- By Brandon Strader Source: Unknown Lands For this track, I’m not so sure how the red mage is incorporated into this track. Maybe it’s because the Red Mage is a hybrid warrior of sorts. And hybrid, would be the best way to describe this track. Also to match the “hybrid” theme, it seems like the first half of this track is very chill, while the second half of this track is more exciting. Very interesting, and enjoyable production work here. And to be expected from a Brandon Strader track, the guitar work here is excellent. Track 8: The Wander –Theme of Summoner- By RiverSound Source: A New World The world is merged. Alone stands the summoner as he/she sweeps the battlefield with great creatures of power. At least that’s the story I get, as everything sounds so isolated at first. But as the track progresses, the track sounds more and more hopeful. The sweeping effects do a great job capturing the summoners power of….well, summoning. But the bottom line is, the production work here portrays hope in an almost hopeless situation in a beautiful way. Track 9: See You Next Time –WATER- By DarkeSword Source: The Prelude Argh this track frustrates me. It’s so beautiful, but at the same time it’s so short (it’s still good though). There’s not a lot that can be said about this track. It’s simple, well produced, pretty, and leaves you wanting more. And more will come when the Fire album is released. Overall, this was a very fascinating album. These artists cleverly did things that are generally difficult to achieve, or they did things that I didn’t think would be possible in an arrangement. It’s so experimental, and definitely worth a listen at least once. All of it. Even the ones I kind of griped at. This album does an excellent job exemplifying the motto “try something at least once.” And besides, it’s short, if you love video game music and OCR albums, you can afford to listen to this album at least once.
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