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WIP Metalman (Megaman 2) Trance remix

Virtual Boy

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Hi Virtual Boy, welcome to the Workshop!

So, it will be tough for others at this point to give you much feedback since there is little to go on.  You've got an idea, a direction, and trace of the soundscape that you are hoping to build but there is a lot more to build (you know this, of course) and we'd need more of that structure and content to start giving solid crits and ideas.  There are so many different directions you can go with this, even staying within the Trance arena.  For us to start funneling you into a specific collection of compositional concepts would be to start co-writing this with you.  

My advise, humbly, would be to build out a structure of the entire song.  Write it so that you like the general flow of the whole piece, start to finish.  Then, post that with a description of things you had in mind and questions you have about trying to accomplish them.  Then, the Workshop will be a valuable ally :)  Keep at it!

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