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  1. We must be kindred spirits. Really like the minimalism approach on the piano and the ever-so-slight detuned effect on the guitar. Totally enjoying this track from both a compositional and pure auditory perspective.
  2. Breaking in a new set of cans with this one. Super Cartography Bros. is a sweet sweet album and this is also a fav of mine from it. All I have to say is (in a continually falling pitch but dead on beat) "Well well well well well well done."
  3. Hey all, Just a friendly heads up to the community about a local radio station's remix competition. Short and sweet. If you win you'll get airplay. Should be a fun one if you have a few days to hash something up. It's not an OCR comp, so I didn't post in that forum. Feel free to re-post. Deets: http://wfae.org/post/charlotte-talks-theme-covers-and-remixes-submission-form Cheers, Kyle
  4. Ha! I had expectations before hitting play and this both lived up to them and surprised at the same time. Lots of fun, quirky, and on-point 80's-era synth work. Nailed it Just Coffee!
  5. Killer tone, killer arrangement, killer improv... Killer. Loved it.
  6. First thoughts: The original has percs, but it seems your piano work is intended to be more subtle and human. If you are going for a more emotional performance, perhaps take the percs out all together and pursue the piano/strings (maybe a piano quintet even?) concept more. As far as the key change goes, you could toy around with modal changes, relative minor/dominant key changes, arpeggios of the melody, octave shifts, counterpoint harmonies, or even smooth time signature shifts, to name a few. As long as your deviation returns to the melody in a comprehensible way, you can do all sorts of crazy fun stuff. It will move more away from a cover and toward a remix if you keep developing a more personalized and original piano performance. You can get more liberal with the melody, and as long as you stay in key, can create a new melodic lead without losing the character of the original.
  7. Hi Virtual Boy, welcome to the Workshop! So, it will be tough for others at this point to give you much feedback since there is little to go on. You've got an idea, a direction, and trace of the soundscape that you are hoping to build but there is a lot more to build (you know this, of course) and we'd need more of that structure and content to start giving solid crits and ideas. There are so many different directions you can go with this, even staying within the Trance arena. For us to start funneling you into a specific collection of compositional concepts would be to start co-writing this with you. My advise, humbly, would be to build out a structure of the entire song. Write it so that you like the general flow of the whole piece, start to finish. Then, post that with a description of things you had in mind and questions you have about trying to accomplish them. Then, the Workshop will be a valuable ally Keep at it!
  8. Super enjoyed this. A lot of fun and a hydrogen bomb of positivity. Great stuff! Perhaps those hearing an off-beat arp are listening through some sort of near-field setup that doesn't cover the whole frequency spectrum (or cover it well)? Headphones, studio monitors, and hifi system all sound on-point. Computer monitor speakers, sound can appear to be off-beat. Just my experience.
  9. Ok, awesome. melody, very well done! This was a pleasure to listen to every second of the way. I'm not intending to pigeon-hole at all, because your playing and tone are all your own, but I get this great vibe of Beck playing through Vai's gear...with Satch-like pinch and tap harmonics. Super expansive, super quacky, super rich. And a tight mix to boot. Repeatin' this for awhile.
  10. First thought was of Super Guitar Bros. Really well done. I am a sucker for "guitar duets" especially with steel / natural mixes. I sometimes think it might be my favorite timbre tornado... Anyway, well done Pokérus. Put a smile on my face
  11. This arrangement (as well as most so far in this album) really seems to lend itself to the truly playful side of the SMB universe. And because of that I feel like the SFX work. I could see the track with maybe one less, here and there, and a bit more lead work but Pejman had a vision and it feels pretty well executed.
  12. Just wanted to check and see what the 1,2,3 of this would be. If you have a remix that was accepted but conditional upon correct encoding, do you just email the updated file to the Submissions inbox like a resub, or is there a different process? Sorry, I wasn't able to find the directions for this situation. Thanks for any help! Cheers, MrKyle
  13. This is offered up during the right time of year me thinks. A bit of whimsy in this (and yes, I feel some of that Hisaishi connection too) that takes me to a comfortable childhood place of maybe the holidays or old neighborhood friends... Great stuff. Thoroughly enjoyed this remix.
  14. Super solid. Length is just right, and diggin' the dynamics.
  15. Uh...let me be clear. At first... I was not very keen to this track. But...I listened again, ... ... and again, to ... get a better feel for the overall soundscape...of this piece. And now I must admit............... that, I like it.
  16. Yes and yes. Thick, yet clean with a nice punch-you-in-the-face quality to it. The drums and guitars are really nicely mixed.
  17. So it might be unorthodox to come back and post a second comment on a remix, but I just wanted to let Joe know that I've been running this thing on repeat for awhile and it just sits better and better with me the more I listen. I think an artist needs to know when their work is appreciated at the core, and it is! Makes Monday morning a lot smoother.
  18. Super beautiful. Brings back memories and captures what I felt like playing a lot of sonic in general. Maybe the reverb could have a few EQ tweaks, but I really dig the effect.
  19. The synth work in this is great. Feels nostalgic and fresh at the same time. The first thing that came to mind was the "Earth" track from the Berserk OST. A little over 2 minutes into it, the vibe really syncs. Enjoyed this! Great work.
  20. Calls to mind Nightwish's "Taikatalvi". Overall easy listening with a bit of heart-tug. I dig it.
  21. Some parts of this I really dig (the kick ducking is tasty, the bird FX, the bass line as a whole, ) but others I didn't (the delayed reverb on the centered hand percussion, ambient intro, the scratchy shuffling starting at 3:13 (meant to be rustling leaves?), and the breathy woodwind-like (flute?) sustain that is layered onto the tail of the solo piano notes). It kinda leaves me in limbo on the track as a whole. Yeah. I feel like I get the vibe as a whole, but it just doesn't firmly place me there.
  22. Great final execution from when it was bouncing on the WIP Forums. I actually really like that it wasn't trying to be super realistic. It makes it innately fun and blends nicely into a genre of Japanese TV/Commercial/spot music that is done nigh identical to this. "Authentic" instruments in a more playful, engineered way. In that sense, it's actually super authentic! Fxsnowy, well done.
  23. Love the genre mashup. I get the critiques regarding the low-end...relentlessness, but otherwise really enjoyed this. The glitching is really well executed for the frame of mind that this track brings ya to. Dope one NutS!
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