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Maurice White produced the music for the anime Gatchaman?!

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So, about week ago (cue Bobby Shmurda here) we found out that the legendary Michael Jackson produced music for Sonic 3, something that should have came to light ages ago. It seems like we're following a trend here as an article surfaced stating that the late Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire is said to have produced music from the anime Gatchaman. Honestly, I'm glad that things like this are surfacing, but I just wish that these artists would get their recognition while they were still alive. 


What do you guys think of the article? Do you think or know of anyone else in the spotlight that might have had any involvement with music in games in anime? 

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This may be more like something someone just noticed because that person just passed away, which is understandable, more so because - obviously - 70's R&B and disco could be at the very far end of music lovers' consciousness in the general Internet. Someone like me who's lived through it is more aware.

Another reason is that this is not the first time White has worked in animation. Earth, Wind and Fire's "Dance, Dance, Dance" was written by White for the soundtrack to Nelvana's "Rock & Rule".

One more reason is that, for myself, anytime I see an English name appear in Japanese music credits for a Japanese program, it's something to be paid attention to. Two examples: one of my favorite soundtracks to one of my favorite animes is from "Riding Bean", created mostly by David Garfield, who's been involved with a ton of soul and jazz artists, featuring vocals from Phil Perry, another 70's soul artist; the kinda-sorta followup anime, "Gunsmith Cats", was composed by Peter Erskine, who's performed as a drummer with Weather Report and Steely Dan.

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PHIL Perry, not David
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