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  1. Soooo.....I've been here since about 2016, but I'm really starting to be more active and serious about game audio and composition. I've been a fan of OCRemix since I found it in 2016 and have been a game audio fan for about all of my life. I have been making music since 2014. HUUUUGE fighting game fan so, #FGC representation right here. I hope to get to network and meet new people here as well as learn the best I can!
  2. So, I realize I haven't been on here in QUITE some time. However, I feel that I've honestly grown as a remixer/composer since the last time I've been here. Now would I say my work is submission worthy? Ehhh, not yet, but I'm on my way. This right here is my proudest remix yet. I mixed Ryu's Kobu and original themes together for a Marvel Vs. Capcom Overhaul series I'm doing. I have a Jedah one up, too but I'll put that up later. I'd def like some feedback and want to know what you guys think about it and I hope you all enjoy it!
  3. I kinda realize what Capcom wanted to go for in Juri's SFV theme. And I actually somewhat like it. BUT, to be honest, we all know it doesn't fit her. So, here's my take on it.
  4. Saitoshi_Sama

    GROAN ver.Tekken 7

    ~Scrolls down. Sees "GROAN ver.Tekken 7". Sees who the thread is by~ "....Should have figured I'd find Rukunetsu here lol." Groan was always one of my faves in alpha 3. I was actually going to do my version sometime next month lol. I love this, dude. Keeps that Tekken 7 feel and I love how you added his original theme in there, too.
  5. Yes, yes. I know. We're supposed to be getting Alex for this month. And I'm waiting for that heavily. But if it's an Alex concept you're looking for, Check out MaxieDaMan's concept here: any of you played 3rd Strike, you know that was the game to come home from school and start playing. While New Generation and 2nd Impact were good, the hugest mark left on us was by 3rd Strike. And with Urien and Alex joining the roster along with some returning cast, you know it's gonna be lit. 3rd Strike had some of the greatest music (Aside from the online remixes. Some of which were good and I enjoyed. You'll hear a bit of that here.).I'm gonna try and make a new theme every week. But I have a surprise in September for you guys. Keep watch.
  6. That's exactly what I was going for. I took inspiration from the theme he shared with his sister in the first EX game near the end before it loops. I wanted to keep the essence of his original theme while still keeping the type of sound for SFV.
  7. So, about week ago (cue Bobby Shmurda here) we found out that the legendary Michael Jackson produced music for Sonic 3, something that should have came to light ages ago. It seems like we're following a trend here as an article surfaced stating that the late Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire is said to have produced music from the anime Gatchaman. Honestly, I'm glad that things like this are surfacing, but I just wish that these artists would get their recognition while they were still alive. What do you guys think of the article? Do you think or know of anyone else in the spotlight that might have had any involvement with music in games in anime?
  8. Saitoshi_Sama

    Undertale - Megalovania Orchestral Remix

    Oh, can't wait. Personally one of my favorite themes.
  9. Saitoshi_Sama

    Your Hidden Gems?

    Interesting. Might check that game out. Also, I'd like to point out LoD's soundtrack greatness....Some of its themes are on my hit list for a remix later on down the line. Let me also add this piece of hell yeah: Bushido Blade was what honestly pushed me into taking Kendo. It's soundtrack and story (at least #2's story) pulled you in with its unique gameplay. Definitely deserving of a reboot!
  10. Saitoshi_Sama

    Your Hidden Gems?

    Holy hell....I forgot about JetMoto. That game was my life when I had it. Why it never caught on is beyond me. Sir Dan and Medievil....even though he was included in All Stars, his entire game needs a reboot. Star Wars Demolition definitely needs no explanation. My father and I used to play it all the time before it broke on us. I've only played Vigilante 8 once and for some reason, I liked it more than Twisted Metal. And unfortunately, I never got the chance to play Bomberman
  11. Saitoshi_Sama

    Undertale - Megalovania Orchestral Remix

    Really enjoying hearing the progress made in each one.
  12. Saitoshi_Sama

    Your Hidden Gems?

    The Legend of Dragoon...very underrated game and should have honestly been continued, imo.
  13. Well, can't wait to hear this when it's all done!
  14. This is an original piece I did for a friend of mine who goes by the name "Munnbun". In case you guys were curious, that is his art. Glorious, ain't it? Her name is Sarah, and this is the first version of her theme. I'll be making more themes for his characters in the future. You can check out his page and his art Hope you guys enjoy! Copyright © 2015 by Saitoshi All rights reserved. This composed work or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission from the creator.
  15. Since Street Fighter V is well on it's way to PS4 and PC in less than sixteen days, I decided to do a short little project and create a concept theme for a character in another Street Fighter Universe. Kairi Mizukami is a character (A favorite of mine, actually) from the Street Fighter EX series, which was born from the collaboration between Capcom and Arika. There are a lot of EX characters that I want to see return and hopefully, Arika decides to work with Capcom again later on down the line.In all honesty, I was thinking about doing a concept album for characters, EX and all, who aren't in the game. I don't know yet, depends on how people like this one. I wanted to capture the essence of SFV while still keeping the original sound of the EX series theme. Lemme know what you guys think.