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My First MAGFest Set.

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Hello OCR.

As far as I can tell, this is the best place place to post this but feel free to move it, or whatever.

This is my set from this past MAGFest, my first set at a major festival. I'm a new act. OCR: thoughts? What do you all like about this? What don't you like? Is this too weird sounding? Not weird enough? Would you go out of your way to see this? Should I keep trying to do this? If you were there would you keep listening or not? In sum: would you buy this for a dollar?

Known issues: video is out of sync for some tracks (I'll fix my own copy later, is MF's official stream. It's better in the second half) and the visuals were a big component of this but they are unfortunately really hard to see. : /

I'm in Chapel Hill NC. If you are (in) a band, where are you, and do you want to play a show with me?



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