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Earthworm Jim - Anything But Tangerines


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Not a bad remix attempt, you do add a bit of personality to the original tune, but there's some weakness in your writing and production.  Your arping synth plays the same thing for far too long with no changes in either notation, modulation, filtration, etc.  It does change up to a more stabby sound around 1:46. but repeats it same notation, and gets stale rather quickly.

Your hats/cymbals may have too much treble / presences as they stand out too with my headphones when they come in the song.  The overall mixing is poorly compressed with evidence @ 2:49, when the snare builds enter that synth gets buried.  You do tend to have either too much going on, or everything is just squashed so nothing can breathe.

And your outtro is weak.  The guitar scream is fine, but just dropping the drums and arp is anti-climatic.

On the good side of things, I liked the drum change @ 2:08, and though the originality @ 3:24 was good, but overall felt there was too much bland repetition with the writing and poor execution with the mixing.  There's a good idea here, it just needs some more TLC to be fleshed out.

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